Harbor Light News Letter 2017-08-09

1.  Call to order
2.  Thought & Pledge / John Kessler
3.  Four Way Test – in all the things you think, say or do:
a.  First, Is it the truth?
b.  Second, Is it fair to all concerned?
c.  Third, Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
d.  Fourth, Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
4.  Special thanks to:
Set up – Club/Gil Gilbert
Treasurer - John Bowman
Attendance - Jackie Boland
Greeters -  Herb McDowell/Tom Ryan
Thought & Pledge -  John Kessler
Duty Roster for August 16, 2017
Attendance:  Ellen Greenbert
Greeter:  Linda Yonke
Thought & Pledge:  Ellen Falkof
Shenanigans:  Ray Lechner
5.  Reports on past activities :
a.  July 29 – Miller Park outing Pearce, Bowman and Greenberger, Hufnagel and Fisher.  Great time had by all
b.  August 1 Tuesday – Ravinia August social event.  Great time enjoyed by many including the Al Hashimi family
c.  August 7 – Membership committee meeting- Jim Waite and Jackie Boland and John Kessler and George attended.  Jim Waite will be providing
     updates on progress
d.  Chicago Red Star soccer (womens pro soccer)game on Sept 3 at 5:00 pm in Bridgeview at Toyota park  Tickets are $25 and benefit Guatemala Xray
     project.   Who wants to go?
e.  August soup kitchen report.   Next soup kitchen is January 1!
5.  President’s moment  What is rotary?
             Global alliance of community networkers doing good.   Lets focus on membership and guests. 
6.  Announcements
 a.  Update from Refugee One Chris Cole/ Ellen Falkof- Good news!  Aram Al Hashimi has a job and all is going well
 b.  Dues are due
 c.  Board meeting update  Jim Waite has agreed to work on membership committee with Jackie Boland They met August 7
 d.  Spring fundraiser idea needs discussion with members
 e.  Board meeting at George Pearce's house  August 14
 f.  Carol Wells provided update on EPN and making contributions  Goal is $60 per club member   We have committed 2,000, so we need another
     $1,000 to hit that goal      
 g.   Update from Maureen Barry regarding foundation match program to become a Paul Harris.  Match is good through 12-15-17
7.  Speaker:   Kirsty Montgomery- Learning Institute at Northwestern. 
     Great program on peer learning and numerous classes available at Northwestern campus
8.  . Meeting adjourned at 8:30 am..
9.  Next Week's Speaker- Jan Churchwell, New Trier Township Assessor