Harbor Light News Letter 2017-04-26

    1)    Call to order             
    2)    Thought & Pledge    Greg Michel        
    3)    Four Way Test - In all the things you think, say or do:
        Is it the truth?            
        Is it fair to all concerned?            
        Will it build goodwill and better friendships?            
        Will it be beneficial to all concern?            
    4)    Special Thanks to:    
        Set up     Gil Gilbert       
        Treasurer    John Bowman        
        Attendance    Joan O'Neill        
        Greeter    Jim Bowman        
        Thought & Pledge     Greg Michel        
        Shenanigans    Tim Frenzer        
    5)    The following Week's Duty Roster for May 10th is:
        Presiding over the meeting    Carol Wells        
        Set up     Gil Gilbert      
        Treasurer    John Bowman        
        Attendance    Susan Segal        
        Greeter    John Glasgow        
        Thought & Pledge     George Pearce        
        Shenanigans    Jack Close                
    6)    Birthdays:            
        Susan Segal - April 18th            
    7)    Club Anniversaries:            
        Greg Michel - 10 years            
        Chris Cole - 1 year            
    8)   Foundation Board Election:            
        Last week the new foundation board was over welling approved.   Congratulations to the 2017/18 Foundation Board:  Carol Wells, Susan Fisher, Sue Watson, John Glasgow, and Frank Hussey.            
    9)    Announcements             
    a)    District Conference is on April 28 - 30th at the Marriotte Lincolnshire Resort.              
    b)     Community Grant Applications are on our website and the deadline is May 5th.  If anyone has any questions, please contact Herb.            
    c)    Update on the Refugee Project - The communities will meeting soon with a target date in July to receive a Refugee Family.  For more information or to get involved, please contact Chris Cole.            
    d)    Vocational Scholarship Program (Chris Simcox) - Our Club's deadline is May 5th.  Remember that our District offers Vocational Scholarships too and the deadline for applying is April 7th.  Let me know Sue anyone needs more information.            
    e)    We are working on the plans for the Rotary Garden in partnership with the Ouilmette Foundation is being planned.  The new Rotary Garden has been designed the same designer that did the Chicago Botanic Gardens and will be located in front of our current Pasek Garden.               
    f)    Soup Kitchen - May 1st and June 5th - Tom announced that due to construction at the 2nd Baptist Church that the soup kitchen will be serving only sandwiches to go and not our normal fried chicken dinner.            
    g)    The Wednesday May 3rd evening event will be at Backyard BBQ's new location (behind Millen's Hardware) from 6 to approximately 7.  Also, we have invited the noon Club to join us.  George Pearce will be organized it, because Sue will be out of town.            
    h)    On May 7th the author of Mischling, Affinity Kona, will be at the Wilmette Public Library for the annual community-wide reading and discussion program "One Book, Everybody Reads.   For more information, please see - http://www.wilmette.lib.il.us/readers/onebook            
    i)    Rotary International Conference in Atlanta June 11 - 14 - please let me know if anyone would like more details.             
    j)    The Installation Dinner  and Golf Outing will be held on Tuesday, June 27th at Wilmette Golf Course.              
    k)    George Pearce is organizing a group - Join us on Saturday July 29th for the 2017 District 6440 Rotary Road Trip to Miller Park, and honor our Veteran friends from Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center.  The game features the defending World Champion Chicago Cubs at the Milwaukee Brewers!  If you are intestered in going, please contact George.            
    l)    "1)  Sarah informed the group of Jean Irwin Hatfield telling her story about how one Rotary beneficiary can overcome obstacles with support from The Rotary Foundation and then go on to give back to the world through Rotary.  She has spoken to Rotarians and teachers of the deaf about what she learned as an Ambassadorial Scholar at more than 425 conferences in 32 states and 4 countries. The program is entitled ""Taking Language from the Rich and Giving it to the Poor: Lessons Learned in Nottingham"", Monday, May 1 from 2-3pm in the 3rd Floor Auditorium (One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201).            
    m)     Jim Griffith announced that this weekend he was taking a 50 hour bus ride to Washington DC to march on Washington to join the Environmental March.            
10)  Any Good News or Bad News?                   
    1)    Puran shared that her daughter Sue has broken both arms in fall and she might be heading out to AZ to help out or have Sue come stay with her.
    2)    Joan O'Neill spoke briefly about her recent experience with service dogs.            
11)  Speaker:                    
    Tim Frenzer, Manager of the Village of Wilmette, gave a "State of the Village" report.               
Meeting adjourned at 8:30AM.