Speaker Date Topic
Tonika Johnson Jul 13, 2022
Folded Map Project

Artist and activist Tonika Johnson will join us via Zoom to tell the story of her highly acclaimed Folded Map Project, which began as an art project and transformed into a bridge between neighborhoods and an advocacy tool.  The Project began as a photo series that "used the City of Chicago's grid system to identify and capture residences at corresponding addresses on the North and South Side in order to explore the visual legacies of segregation, socioeconomic disparities and racial discrimination.

"Folded Map began as an art project, but has become my way of combating social injustice," she said.  "Ultimately, I want Folded Map to help us heal and get to know each other so that we can tear down the racist walls that divide us."  Tonika will share how our North Suburban community can use the resources of the Folded Map Project to deepen our understanding and make vital connections with our neighbors across the city.

Nora Kusaka Jul 20, 2022 7:30 AM
Engineers Without Borders
Presentation Description:
Engineers Without Borders—Chicagoland Professional Chapter will be presenting on the ongoing projects the chapter is working on and will highlight our recent successful implementation of the water and sanitation projects with the Wema Children’s Centre in Kenya, and the second phase of the work that is to follow.

Presenter Backgrounds:
Nora Kusaka Herrero is a site civil engineer with Wight & Company, working in the greater Chicago area. She has 6 years of experience and has worked on various types of projects throughout the United States. Nora specializes in low-impact stormwater management and is utilizing these skills on projects with EWB to promote groundwater infiltration and stormwater capture and reuse. 

Alan Phelps is a civil engineer with David Mason & Associates working on site design and stormwater management for new buildings and schoolyards in Chicago. With over 8 years of water and wastewater infrastructure experience, he has contributed to the success of a number of water projects in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Alan is the president of the EWB Chicagoland Professional Chapter and the leader of the Wema Program in western Kenya.
Melody Smith, Kim Jockl, and Jim Borchers Aug 17, 2022 7:15 AM
Book Overview - Safe Landing

Kim will provide an overview of the book, Safe Landing, by Melody Smith, Kim Jockl, and Jim Borchers.

This book tells the incredible journey of three siblings over the last 40+ years grieving their parents' sudden loss, coming together as a family, and working hard to honor the lives of all 273 lost on Flight 191. It's an inspirational Chicago story about love, family, and how tragedy gets a big word, but it never gets the final word.

Q&A to follow.