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These are the projects that our club currently serve, either in dollars or labor. Click on a link on the left for more information about each project.

Ak'Tenamit School
Ak'Tenamit a boarding school that serves up to 500 students who come from villages located in an extremely remote part of eastern Guatemala.
Guatemala X-ray Project
Rotarians piloted a digital x-ray system (designed by the World Health Organization (WHO)) in the Guatemala City Municipal Clinic to serve children at risk and municipal employees. The next phase encompasses installing 29 additional x-ray machines throughout Guatemala with the full support and cooperation of the Guatemala government.
Guatemala Mechanical Cow Project
The mechanical cow is a basically a stainless steel steam cooker that produces milk from soybeans. Many Guatemalans are lactose intolerant, so soy milk adds protein to a diet that otherwise is grain-based.
Provides emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by conflict and natural disaster.