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Service above Self is our motto. We meet in the evening, not the morning, the first Wednesday of each month. Make business and personal connections. Serve the community. Have FUN! All are welcome. Please join us.
The Rotary Club of Wilmette Harbor’s
Community Conversation Series
Our Community Conversations provides an opportunity for community leaders to discuss important developments in the community and presents a forum for those in attendance to ask questions and offer comments.  Interested members of the community, near and far, are invited to join us.
Usually, the Club hosts Community Conversations the last Wednesday of certain months at 7:30 a.m. at the Wilmette Harbor Club in Gillson Park. These will also be available by Zoom. Some of the events in our Community Conversation series may be held in the evening on the first Wednesday of a month.  
May 4: Senta Plunkett, Village Manager
February 23: Kari Cremascoli, Superintendent of Schools, Wilmette Public Schools District 39
6/26: Kyle Murphy, Wilmette Police Chief & Brian Lambel, Wilmette Fire Chief
6/30: Steve Wilson, Executive Director, Wilmette Park District 
7/28: Anthony Auston, Director, Wilmette Public Library
8/25: John Jacoby, Former Village Trustee, Author
9/2929: Julie Wolf, Wilmette’s Environmental and Energy Commission
11/3: Panel Discussion: “A Conversation on Race: A Welcoming Community”
To receive login information, please send a request to this address one day before the event:
Our Club is so pleased we can help others with ShelterBox.
The Rotary Club of Wilmette Harbor has no tolerance for racism. We seek to understand the impact of racism on ourselves and our community, promote diversity in our club, create a welcoming environment, support organizations committed to anti-racism, and consider underrepresented groups when issuing grants and scholarships. Learn more.


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Upcoming Events
Tonika Johnson
Jul 13, 2022
Folded Map Project
Nora Kusaka
Jul 20, 2022 7:30 AM
Engineers Without Borders
Melody Smith, Kim Jockl, and Jim Borchers
Aug 17, 2022 7:15 AM
Book Overview - Safe Landing
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Club Calendar
Unless otherwise specifically indicated regular Wednesday morning meetings will continue to be held at 7:30 am in hybrid form, so that members and guests can participate either in person at the Harbor Club in Gillson Park or by Zoom. The link to the hybrid meeting will be emailed to members, guests and others within the community who express an interest in attending. 
On the first Wednesday of each month, however, the Club generally holds evening events, and does not meet in the morning on those Wednesdays.
Please note that, beginning in August 2022, regular meetings will be held at 7:15 am rather than 7:30 am.
Upcoming Events and Meetings
June 22, 2022 -- Ouilmette Foundation
Holly Gilson, Board President, The Ouilmette Foundation, and Andrew Tinucci, Partner, Woodhouse Tinucci Architects, will provide an update of the activities of the organization.
Holly Gilson will provide a brief overview of the Ouilmette Foundation's mission and strategic plan, which envisions a multi-year commitment to the restoration of Wallace Bowl, along with continuing support of the Wilmette Park District's Scholarship Program. The Ouilmette Foundation was originally founded to coordinate community engagement and private financial support for the refurbishment of Wallace Bowl that was completed in 1986. This tradition of sponsoring collaborative fundraising efforts to enhance our parks and enrich the community life that takes place in them continues to the present day. Architect Andrew Tinucci will follow with a brief presentation on Wallace Bowl's significance and the restoration work that will be needed to preserve its unique qualities while updating it for the enjoyment of current and future residents.
Please see the following for more information:

June 29, 2022 -- Club Transition Dinner

July 13, 2022 -- Tonika Johnson, Folded Map Project

Artist and activist Tonika Johnson will join us via Zoom to tell the story of her highly acclaimed Folded Map Project, which began as an art project and transformed into a bridge between neighborhoods and an advocacy tool.  The Project began as a photo series that "used the City of Chicago's grid system to identify and capture residences at corresponding addresses on the North and South Side in order to explore the visual legacies of segregation, socioeconomic disparities and racial discrimination."

"Folded Map began as an art project, but has become my way of combating social injustice," she said.  "Ultimately, I want Folded Map to help us heal and get to know each other so that we can tear down the racist walls that divide us."  Tonika will share how our North Suburban community can use the resources of the Folded Map Project to deepen our understanding and make vital connections with our neighbors across the city.

Recent Meetings and Events
June 15, 2022 -- Charley Smith, Haven Youth and Family Services
Charley Smith, LCSW, Executive Director of Haven Youth and Family Services, provided an update of the activities of that organization.
Charley's informative presentation highlighted the lingering impact of Covid on the mental health in our community and included a discussion of increased anxiety and depression, the increased use of social media, safety assessment referrals from new sources and staffing concerns to meet the need of the community.
Haven Youth and Family Services promotes mental health and community wellness to support people in leading their best lives. Please see the following for further information:

June 8, 2022 -- Club Forum

The Club conducted a Club Forum at the June 8, 2022 meeting. Evelyn Lee, the Club's current Assistant Governor, and Richard Brill, the Club's incoming Assistant Governor beginning July 1, each made presentations.  They discussed, among other matters, the Club's continuing coordination with District 6440.  Richard is a member of the Rotary Club of Wilmette, past president and past secretary of that club, and is a 14-year Rotarian.  He has been the District's Public Image Chair for the past five years.

Susan Fisher also provided an update of presentations and developments at the Rotary International Convention in Houston.

June 1, 2022 Trivia Night Context

The Trivia Night Contest of the Rotary Club of Wilmette Harbor returned on the evening of Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at the Harbor Club in Gillson Park.

The event was well attended, with many guests joining us for this fun evening.

Thanks to Jim Pockross and the entire Trivia Night Contest committee for organizing this event, and to Jack Close for being an unflappable and charming master of ceremonies for this event.  Special thanks to the many sponsors of this event, including Wayfair, Glasgow and Associates, @Properties, Green Bay Animal Hospital and Byline Bank.

Recognition of Club's Contributions to Sustainable Landscaping Installed at Wilmette Village Hall

May 25, 2022 Regular Meeting 7:30 am -- Beth Drucker, President, Go Green Wilmette
Beth Drucker, President of Go Green Wilmette, provided an update of the current environmental activities and initiatives of the organization.  Beth's presentation included a discussion of recent expansion of the Go Green network of organizations within Illinois.
Please see the website of Go Green Wilmette for further information:
Beth has served as the President of Go Green Wilmette since its founding in 2006. 
May 18, 2022 Regular Meeting -- Author Jennifer Close
Best selling author Jennifer Close discussed  her newest book “Marrying the Ketchups” which was released by Alfred A. Knopf at the end of April. "Marrying the Ketchups" is her fourth book.

In addition, she also provided insights into the creative process of writing and publishing a book from the first idea to finished copies.  She engaged in a lively back and forth discussion with our members at guests at the end of her presentation.
The review of "Marrying the Ketchups" from the New York Times Book Review can be found at the following:
May 14, 2022 -- Rotary Hope Walk for the Homeless
The Club was very pleased to participate along with the Rotary Club of Wilmette and the Evanston Lighthouse Rotary Club in the Rotary Hope Walk for the Homeless held in Gillson Park on May 14.  Thanks to the Rotary Club of Wilmette for organizing this event, which raised about $14,000 to contribute to organizations serving the homeless and distressed.
Susan Fisher, Jim Waite, Jim Pockcross and Mike Bailey volunteered or participated.
May 11, 2022 -- Foundation Annual Meeting and Club Forum
The Annual Meeting of the Wilmette Harbor Rotary Club Foundation was held at the regular meeting of the Club on May 11, 2022, which included election of Foundation Board members.  Foundation Directors for 2022-23 will be Ben Ivory, Jim Pockross, Jim Waite, Maureen Barry and Mike Bailey.  Special thanks to Tom Ryan for his service on the Foundation Board.  
May 4, 2022 Evening Meeting -- Senta Plunkett, Wilmette Village President 
In the second of the Club's 2022 "Community Conversations" series, Senta Plunkett, Village President of Wilmette, engaged Club members and guests in an informative discussion of recent developments at the Village of Wilmette. President Plunkett discussed a number of topics, including the Village's recently adopted Tree Ordinance, new businesses in Wilmette, the Village's strategic plan, and the Village's financial condition. We all thank her for engaging in this discussion with us.

More About the Club's Community Conversation Series

Each Community Conversation provides an opportunity for one or more community leaders to discuss important developments the community. The Community Conversations also present an opportunity for those in attendance to ask questions and offer comments.  Interested members of the community are invited to join us.
The Club usually will be holding Community Conversations on the last Wednesday of certain months at 7:30 am at the Harbor Club in Gillson Park, and also usually be available by Zoom in hybrid meeting form (although please note that some events in our Community Conversation series will be held in the evening on the first Wednesday of a month).  
Our first Community Conversation was held on June 30, 2021 and featured Steve Wilson, Executive Director of the Wilmette Park District.  Our second Community Conversation, held on July 28, 2021, featured Anthony Austin, Director of the Wilmette Public Library.   Our third Community Conversation was held on August 25, 2021, and featured John Jacoby with an interesting presentation about his new book Wilmette at 150.  Our fourth Community Conversation, held on September 29, 2021, featured Julie Wolf, Chair of the Wilmette Environmental Commission.  Julie offered an enlightening description of the development of the Village of Wilmette's Sustainability Plan. Our fifth Community Conversation was held on the evening of November 3, 2021, when Club hosted a Community Conversation on Race: A Welcoming Community. This panel discussion panel furthered the Club's continuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative. 

At the Club's November 2, 2021 Community Conversation, Van Gilmer of the Wilmette Human Relations Commission moderated an informative and lively discussion. The panelists were as follows:

Miya Hasegawa, Healing Everyday Racism in Our Schools (HEROs) member
John Jacoby, Village of Wilmette Historian and former Village of Wilmette President
Rev. Erin Raska, Associate Minister at Glencoe Union Church
Gerry Smith, Chair, Village of Wilmette Human Relations Commission

Our sixth Community Conversation, held on February 23, 2022, featured Kari Cremascoli, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Wilmette Public Schools District 39.
April 27, 2022 -- Ted Glasoe, Alliance for the Great Lakes, and Club Forum

Alliance Ambassador Ted Glasoe presented on the importance of protecting the Great Lakes.  He spoke about issues impacting the Great Lakes and the work the Alliance for the Great Lakes does to help project the Great Lakes.  

April 22, 2022 --  Earth Day Volunteer Events
On April 22, 2022, members of the Club participated in two different service projects in honor of National Earth Day. Suki Fisher of the Club volunteered for a beach clean up event at Gillson Park. Maureen Barry, John Wertymer (along with his very enthusiastic son-in-law) and Mike Bailey volunteered by planting native trees and other plants at the Harbert-Payne Woods in Evanston on the North Shore Channel.  The Club was particularly pleased to work with representatives of The Volunteer Center, which organized the event.  
April 20, 2022 -- Club Forum
The April 20, 2022, regular meeting was a Club Forum focused in particular on reenergizing the Club's community service volunteer projects.
The meeting also included a recognition of contributions to the Rotary Foundation by major donor John Wertymer. Congratulations, John!
April 13, 2022 -- Barbara Tubekis, Executive Director, The Volunteer Center
Barbara Tubekis, Executive Director, described the history, mission and current activities of The Volunteer Center, located in Winnetka, Illinois.  Barb described the impressive resources available on The Volunteer Center website at
April 6, 2022 Evening Event -- Wilmette Theatre Tour and Talk
On April 6, 2022, Amy Falkowski, Program Director of the Wilmette Theatre, provided a tour of the Wimette Theatre, including recent renovations, and a talk describing the programming and activities of the Wilmette Theatre.  
March 30, 2022 -- Brian Lambel, Fire Chief, Village of Wilmette
Brian Lambel, Fire Chief of the Village of Wilmette, provided an update of the Fire Department, including a review of his first year serving as Fire Chief and the Fire Department's Stategic Plan.  We look forward to a follow up from Chief Lambel this fall which will include an update of recent changes to fire safety rules.
The meeting included recognition of several of the Club's donors to The Rotary Foundation.  The Club recognized Major Donors Frank Hussey, John Kessler, Jackie McGuire, Sarah Oliver, and George Pearce and Multiple Paul Harris Fellows Tim Frenzer, John Kay and Maureen Barry.  Thanks and congratulations to all those recognized.
March 23, 2022 Regular Meeting -- Discussion of Options for Making Contributions to Relieve the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis:  Suzanne Gibson, Andy Ullman, Donna Lee Gulley and Others

The Club had a robust discussion options for contributing to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, with a particular focus on the activities and opportunities of Rotary.

In response to the deepening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, The Rotary Foundation has created an official channel for Rotary members around the world to contribute funds to support the relief efforts underway by Rotary Districts and has designated its Disaster Response Fund as the main avenue for contributions. Suzanne Gibson spoke about the Disaster Relief Fund and the credibility of The Rotary Foundation on the world stage for using funds wisely and giving the impacted area the ability to create grants specific to their needs.
Andy Ullman of the River Cities Rotary Club discussed direct financial aid to Rotarians on the ground in Kiev, describing his Club's interactions with a Rotary Club Kiev International.
Donna Lee Gulley, Rotary Shelter Box Ambassador, discussed the Shelter Box's role as a trusted partner of Rotary for many years, on many continents and many dire situations.
Please contact Mike Bailey at if you would like to receive a powerpoint of the presentation describing these initiatives and opportunities.
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