A Personal Response to Neighbors in Need

Chef Q. Ibraheem, a local Evanston chef known for her underground dining club, Teertsemasesottehg, and her work teaching the value of healthy eating, spoke to club members about her response to the food insecurity of people in Evanston following the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis. As soon as she had to shut down her business, she began reaching out to offer healthy food to people she knew who were suddenly without resources to feed themselves or their families. Her efforts quickly grew to providing meals for over 100 people with the help of partners and outside funding resources. She has employed a small team of people to help her provide safe, contactless food delivery. Although her funding has been cut, she continues to find ways to offer assistance. For further information about Chef Q and her projects, go to her website: https://www.chefqibraheem.com/about