Through the Community Service Committee, our club participates in many projects and programs in and near the Village of Wilmette. This participation can be physical help, monetary help or both.

Some of the programs receive repeated support and represent an ongoing commitment by our club. This continuity builds greater awareness for our programs in the community and stronger connections between participants in our club and the beneficiaries of our help.
Organizations Supported during 2019-2020
Turning Point                                    $400.00
Family Service Center                     $900.00
Warming House                               $500.00
Goldieā€™s Place                                  $500.00
Wilmette Park District                      $400.00
La Casa Norte                                  $1500.00
Housing Our Own                            $1000.00
Argentium Care (formerly SASI)    $400.00
Just Harvest                                      $750.00
Haven                                                $1000.00
James B. Moran Center                  $650.00
New Trier Food Pantry                    $1000.00
Family Matters                                  $500.00
Operation Warm                               $1000.00



Chair: Frank Candioto
Members: Arnie Klein, Ellen Clark, Frank Candioto, Joe Ceisel, John Flanagin, John Held, Kent Meyers, Mike Harper, Nick Dallas, Paul Waechtler, Bob Taylor, John Flanagin, Mariana Al Far, John Plante, Sharon Weingarten