Buses are still arriving at the Wilmette train station with migrants who have been transported here from Texas.  The buses arrive unscheduled, and the Wilmette Police and volunteers try to assist the migrants to get "Take Care" packages and coats before they get on the train to Chicago processing centers. In connection with SaLT an organization in Highland Park, volunteers have packed bags with hygiene items, water and snack bars to give to the migrants when they leave the bus, along with winter coats that have been donated by the public.
Members George Pearce, Terry Porter, Heidi Voorhees and Debora Morris are actively involved with this project. Others who want to volunteer to help should contact Debora.
Needed donations can be made at various locations (Click to see locations), and can include Water, Shampoo, Soap, Small first aid kits, Aspirin bottles, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Chapstick, Wipes, Face masks and Snack bars. If you are interested in donating funds, click HERE
See Local Events of Interest below for a Rotary-supported fundraiser, Bienvenidos Gala. Join other Rotarians at this importantt event.