Dr. Tanyss Munro told us about how she and her husband went to Bangladesh, with the intent to battle ignorance, poverty, and extremism by opening schools for mothers in the poorest slums of this country. They founded the Amarok Society which harnesses the power of mothers in the name of peace, teaching completely uneducated women to teach the children of their slums, thus bringing hope, reason and moderation into desperately poor areas of the world. 
These "micro-schools" not only educate the children, but educate the mothers to bring about some cultural changes as well, like  preventing child marriages, wife beating and improving gender relations.  

It is these very same slums that are being targeted for recruitment by extremists, who hope to feed on the ignorance and despair that they believe they will find there. This danger of extremism can only be avoided through compassion and education...courage and love.