Julie Yusim, Executive Director of the Wilmette/Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce updated us on how businesses are doing since the COVID-19 restrictions were ordered last month. Julie reported that while all Wilmette restaurants are taking a hit financially, some are faring better than they thought since the orders.  Most are offering curbside pickup and/or delivery, and one restaurant, Torino's may even open a new site for take-out only.   The Chamber sends our email blasts twice a week to let residents know what stores and restaurants are open and what goods and services they are offering.  Several restaurants and businesses are sending meals to care workers on a regular basis.  Julie mentioned that the Village of Wilmette is offering special grants to small businesses in Wilmette, adding that Wilmette is one of the only villages doing this.
The businesses suffering the most are retailers, personal services (nail salons, massage therapy, fitness centers) and theaters.  The biggest concern after re-opening will be if the public is confident enough to return to the place of business.  
Some businesses have been forced to create new ways to serve customers.  Some have created online stores; medical practitioners are doing "telemedicine". 
Some members thanked Julie for the notifications she has sent to Wilmette businesses regarding the availability of small business loans.  Julie was asked if she has any information about businesses unable to pay their rents.  She replied that so far this does not seem to a problem for most businesses.