What happens when a community’s employers cannot find job candidates with the needed skills for the available positions; when applicants lack the relevant work experience, and lack the requisite technical and occupational skills; when job seekers lack educational credentials or the personal work habits to

A collaboration between local businesses, Harper College, and Schaumburg’s social service agencies was formed to address a problem which affected a number of nearby communities. A global grant was initiated by the Schaumburg – Hoffman Estates Rotary Club, with the participation of several clubs in District 3261 in Taiwan, which was matched by Rotary International. Through their local connections, his $80,000 global grant is funding scholarships, counseling and job-readiness skill development.

Through this joint effort, underemployed and unemployed adults 24 years and older and in financial distress now have access to job-related training tuition free. Scholarship recipients are now able to compete for local jobs with better salaries and benefits, they can support their families, be role models for their children, and strengthen financial and educational opportunities for future generations.