Jeans Become Masks

Rob McMillan is a true entrepreneur.  He started his business, Dearborn Denim, in 2016 to design, manufacture and distribute custom jeans based in Chicago. He employs a dedicated group of employees, and when he had to shutdown due to the COVID crisis in April, he transformed his business to providing much-needed PPE and kept 100% of  his employees working.
When Rob became aware that the global supply of PPE was failing, he asked his staff to start making masks.  They worked on masks 20 hours/day and produced 10,000 reusable masks per day and 12,000 disposable masks daily.  They sold the masks to hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and other organizations. He had to hire 70 more temporary employees to sew the masks.   Today, masks are easy to obtain, so Rob has gone back to manufacturing high quality, custom jeans that are available online and at his four stores in Chicago. Website is: