Posted by Ray Zeiss
This has been an active month for our Club's Global grants and a brief update is as follows:
1. Angolan wells. The well at the RISE International, Denda School in Angola has been completed and turned over to the community.  Funding $11,000. RC Glenview Sunrise sent RISE International $4000 cash that allowed funding of our second well at the Bairro Novo School in Angola to be drilled as the new school is being built!  This well will serve over 1000 children in that community. Funding  $11,000.
2. We supported Glenview Sunrise in a global grant, Clean Water for El Potrero to supply water to an entire village in Guatemala. Funds from our Club ($2813 in DDF) were enhanced by our District to $3516.
3. New Global grant in Uganda, ICU Equipment-Bwindi Community Hospital, Uganda-Phase 1 identified by Steve Jambor. Supported by multiple Clubs in our District.
We supported this grant with $4108 from our Club’s present year DDF funds and pledged $4108 in cash ($2000 this Rotary year and $2018 next year). The District enhanced our $4108 DDF contribution to $5135.
4. Steve’s Global grant, Delivery of Ultrasound Services for Mother and Newborn Health, Uganda is spending money for clinic equipment.
5. Our International Service committee committed $500 for Breathe India for oxygen concentrators recommended by our District to help with the India Covid surge.
4. Total RC Wilmette Global grant footprint this year for doing good in the world totals $41,711.