Posted by Jacqueline Granat

Elizabeth Seager and George Pearce are members of Wilmette Complete Count Committee, a Village of Wilmette initiative. Ms. Seager is a member of the League of Women Voters Wilmette and  George Pearce is a member of the Wilmette Harbor Rotary Club. Their presentation informed club members about the upcoming 2020 Census and its importance to the Village of Wilmette and the State of Illinois. The US Census is taken for purposes of determining legislative districts  and allocating federal funds.  In 2020, the Census is important as the State of Illinois stands to loose one and possibly two seats in the House of Representatives.  

Who is counted?  Everyone who resides in the U.S. as of April 1, 2020.  Wilmette had a self-reporting level of 87% in the last census and looks for a higher percentage in 2020. The need for census takers is  high with the State of Illinois looking for 100,000 workers it will pay $29 an hour. 

Sharing data may make some individuals uncomfortable but all Census data is protected by law, on-line information is secure, and no question about U.S. citizenship is included in the survey.   Security may be of concern but the public is reminded that no personal information is ever asked for over the telephone, so an awareness of scams is important to keep in mind.  For those having difficulty completing the Census form, help is available at the Wilmette Public Library and elsewhere.  Language assistance is available over the telephone in 12 languages and translation services can be provided in as many as 59 languages. 

What to expect:  Census forms will be mailed via USPS by mid March.  April 1st is Census Day throughout the country when every resident is to be counted.   If no paper response is received by mid-April, a reminder will be sent and a Census taker will be knocking on your door in May to obtain requested data. Our speakers reminded all presents that it is our job to talk up the 2020 Census to everyone as the data collected will be used over a decade for the effective functioning of the Village and the State of Illinois.