Lori Lucchetti and Ahlam Al-Jebory, co-founders of the nonprofit, Building Peaceful Bridges (BPB), spoke to our RAD group about the work they are doing to assist refugees in gaining a sense of belonging in America and achieving self sufficiency.  Lori, President of BPB, explained how BPB since 2015, has  transformed from an informal gathering of committed women to a growing and impactful nonprofit organization. Refugees have very little assistance once they get to the US.
Ahlam, a former refugee from Iraq, related how she survived war, torture, prison, the tragic death of her eldest son, and began her life in the US.  Her incredible journey from Baghdad to Damascus to Chicago is told in A Disappearance in Damascus by Deborah Campbell.   For more information about BPB, see https://www.buildingpeacefulbridges.org/.