Scott Kilner was a career Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State for 32 years, attaining the rank of Minister-Counselor (the civilian equivalent of two-star general).  His penultimate assignment was Afghanistan, where he held senior positions at both the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and at Bagram Airfield.  Drawing upon his extensive collection of personal photographs, Mr. Kilner discussed what it was like to work as a civilian diplomat in a war zone.  He explained the efforts of the US to help the Afghans establish a strong, independent country.  Among other things, Mr. Kilner and others taught modern agricultural methods, ways to use media and internet access for communication, and economics.  He expressed that unfortunately there was no stable base on which to begin, so "nation-building' proved to be an impossible endeavor.
              Following his presentation, Mr. Kilner responded to many questions, including those about the abrupt US withdrawal from Afghanistan.  He agreed with the decision to leave, but not the way it was conducted.