Ideas for Improving Education
Sep 11, 2019
Dick Janzow
Ideas for Improving Education

Our own Dick Janzow will describe some innovative methods that he believes would improve education in this country. Dick holds a BSEE from Purdue University, and an MBA from University of Chicago.  

Dick has as executive director and board chairman for Recording for the Blind and Dysleic. Served on the board of Sharing Connections. Member Wilmette Rotary Club since 2009

Program Description: The vision is to structure all learning efforts into learning module. The content of each module is to be mastered before moving on to the next level module. Achievement grades and age groups are eliminated as are words such as “I passed”, your grade was a “C-“, your “homework is:, etc.

Children will move in cohorts of learning module level not by age or “grade”. They move at their pace taking time to master the material to be learned that will last them a lifetime.