On March 2nd, the Rotary "Classic" Rock event united music lovers and community supporters for a night of entertainment and charity. Led by Gayle Vandenbergh, the event raised over $180,000 for local non-profits fighting poverty, thanks to the Rotary Club's planning, 350+ attendees, donors, and sponsors.
Loren and Anne Trimble highlighted the urgency of addressing local poverty, proposing immediate aid and long-term solutions. They urged individuals to recognize their role in combating poverty, emphasizing that every dollar raised signifies a stance against it.
The success of the event underscores the community's dedication to vital causes and the power of collective action. As Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates strive for a fairer future, events like these inspire solidarity in the fight against poverty.
For those interested in contributing, visit www.scherotary.org and mark your calendars for next year's event on March 8, 2025.
On March 2nd, the Rotary “Classic” Rock event brought together music enthusiasts and community advocates for a night of entertainment and philanthropy. Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Classic Chair, Gayle Vandenbergh reported the event, not only offered attendees a chance to groove to their favorite tunes but also raised an impressive sum of over $180,000 for local non-profit organizations to Eradicate Community Poverty. This is thanks to the Rotary Club’s Planning Committee, over 350 Attendees, additional Donors, and Sponsors of the event!

One of the highlights of the evening was the Initiative delivered by long-time Rotarian and Honorary Chair, Loren and Anne Trimble. Loren Speaking on behalf of both of them, emphasized the urgent need to address poverty within the community. Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates, with well over 5000 people living in poverty today, faces a significant challenge that requires collective action.

Trimble outlined a vision that comprises two essential components. Firstly, addressing the immediate needs of those currently living in poverty through the support of organizations, including the Rotary Club of Schaumburg- Hoffman Estates. Secondly, developing a sustainable model that can be implemented not only in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates but also shared with other communities seeking to combat poverty.

Reflecting on the question of why poverty persists despite the efforts of numerous organizations, Trimble urged attendees to recognize their individual responsibility in the fight against poverty. "This is not someone else’s problem. This is not a government problem. This is each and every one of our problems," Trimble stated passionately.
With each dollar raised during the Rotary “Classic” Rock event, Trimble emphasized that attendees were not merely making a donation but making a statement that poverty has no place in their communities. "Thousands of less fortunate people are depending on us!! We can do this!!" Trimble exclaimed, rallying the audience to join in the collective effort to eradicate poverty.

The success of the Rotary “Classic” Rock event not only showcased the community's commitment to supporting vital causes but also demonstrated the power of collective action in addressing complex social issues. As Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates continues its journey towards a more equitable future, events like these serve as reminders of the impact individuals can have when they come together for a common purpose.

Rotary Club of Schaumburg- Hoffman Estates’ “Classic” Rock event not only provided an evening of fun and entertainment but also served as a beacon of hope, inspiring attendees to stand together in solidarity against poverty and work towards a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow for all members of the community.
If you are interested in helping visit www.scherotary.org and save the date for next Year’s Classic Event: March 8, 2025.