The Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates is pleased and proud to announce the presentation of approximately $50,000 in scholarships to local young people from Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates who are moving on to higher education and training this year.  The goal of these awards is to help local students attain their educational and career dreams.  These scholarships included:
Three Dr. James W. Moon Scholarships, to students based on their academic performance, participation in extra-curricular activities, and demonstrated financial need;
Two Uncle Joe Service Above Self Scholarships to students that demonstrated an exceptional amount of community service and leadership within that community service;
Three Don Redmon Vocational Scholarships to students for studies in automotive technology;
Four Community Vocational Scholarships to local students pursuing advanced education in nursing or automotive technology.
The Schaumburg AM Rotary Club also awarded two Vocational Scholarships totaling $10,000 to Hoffman Estates High School seniors in support of their dreams to pursue a career in automotive technology.
Doc Moon scholarship
Nicolas McNamara   Hoffman Estates High School
Thomas Refacz    Schaumburg High School
Tuba Azhar   Hoffman Estates High School
Uncle Joe Service Above Self award winners:
Matthew Williams   Schaumburg High School
Maria Attaallah   Schaumburg High School
Vocational Scholarship & “Tool Kit” Awards
Don Redmon Vocational Scholarship:
1. Lacin Altan:   Hoffman Estates High School/ECC
2. Konrad Jaworski:   Hoffman Estates High School/COD
3.  Gerardo Ruiz   Hoffman Estates High School/SIU
Community Vocational Scholarship:
1. Daniel Hernandez 
2. Sharon Rice:  Harper
3. Gerardo Ruiz-Ceron:  
4.  Lennox Glad:  Conant High School
“Tool Kit” awards from Community and Club members
1. Martin Cesson
2. Erik Galu:   Hoffman Estates High School
3. Nick Zurick:   Hoffman Estates High School
4. Justice Belanger:   Schaumburg High School
5. Omar Perez:   Hoffman Estates High School/
6. Lennox Glab:   Conant High School
Schaumburg Rotary AM
1. Brandon Eisen:   Hoffman Estates High School
2. Steve Knodle:   Hoffman Estates High School/