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Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!
Oct 04, 2017
Dan Fabian
Go Cubs Go!

I spent the better part of an adulthood pretending to work at the WGNs as everything

from Bozo's Golly Gorilla as a college intern to VP/GM of the Radio station in my antiquity.

Have spent the last few years scribbling, leading college seminars on the "Ethics and Ethos of Sports Marketing" (which, of course, do not exist) and playing smart old guy from out of town for

assorted radio stations.

        Have lived in Park Ridge half a century and change so far.

       As I recall, my assigned topic was something on the order of "More than you ever cared to know about the convoluted backstory of what you have probably been hearing in your sleep the last few months - "Go Cubs Go." I was what you might call involved with it from minute one.