Mental Health and the Pandemic
Feb 15, 2022
Amy O'Leary, Youth Services
Mental Health and the Pandemic
  • There is a growing mental health crisis with today’s youth as a result of COVID-19. Youth Services has experienced this first hand with referrals increasing by 50% for individual and group therapy. Learn about the real struggles children are facing today and how we as a non-profit are adapting to increase capacity so we can serve those who need us most.


Amy's Bio

Amy  became the Executive Director of Youth Services in 2013. She received her MSW from the University of Chicago-School of Social Service Administration with a specialization in school social work and her BA in psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Amy began her career as a crisis worker for four years at the Mid-Missouri Crisis Line. She then completed her graduate-level internships at the Pilsen Little Village Community Mental Health Center and New Trier High School. After receiving her MSW, Amy joined Haven Youth and Family Services in Wilmette in 2005, counseling adolescents who were struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bullying, familial stressors, and suicidal ideation. She then became the Clinical Director at Haven in 2009 and the Executive Director in 2011.

At Youth Services, Amy is responsible for overseeing all clinical and administrative functions. She believes that in order to meet the growing mental health needs of today’s youth, the agency must focus on delivering its core competencies which include early intervention, intervention, and crisis response services. At the same, it is just as important to partner with other agencies and resources, ultimately casting a wider safety net in the community.