October 31, 2017

This Week's Meeting
Therese Manderino will tell us how Artfully Gifted helps entrepreneurs with disabilities achieve their dreams.
Last Regular Meeting
We talked about the Five Avenues of Service and the projects our club has planned in each area.
Diamonds and Denim Charity Auction
World Without Polio (from the Rotarian)

Polio became a major example of a successful vaccine – driving down case counts from hundreds of thousands per year globally to zero in the U.S. and other wealthy countries. But polio remained a big threat in the developing world. 

The poliovirus affects a type of cell in the spinal column, and once these cells are killed, there’s no way for the brain to send messages to the muscles. The result is what’s called acute flaccid paralysis, or AFP, and that muscle doesn’t work anymore – it can’t flex or contract. The virus often affects an arm or leg, which tends to shrivel from disuse. If the disease affects the muscles of the chest or diaphragm, polio can be fatal, because the patient can’t breathe.

What makes it possible to get rid of the virus is that it can only reproduce in humans and that it can live in humans for only a few weeks to a month or so until the body gets rid of it. During that time, virus is excreted in the stool, but once outside the human body, it can survive for only a week or two. It has to find another person to infect in that time, or it dies off. So if you can break the chain of transmission – stop the virus from spreading from person to person by making enough people immune through the vaccine – you can actually drive the virus into extinction. But you have to get rid of the virus everywhere or it can come back, reinfecting places where it had been eliminated. 

Global Grants Scholarships
Now is the time to identify candidates for Global Grants Scholarships. These grants support graduate students studying abroad in one of The Rotary Foundation's six areas of focus. Selected applicants receive funding of at least $30,000, which can cover tuition, room, board, travel and other expenses related to a year of studies. Every applicant must have been accepted by his or her educational institution prior to applying for a grant.
The six areas are:
* Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
* Disease prevention and treatment
* Water and sanitation
* Maternal and child health
* Basic education and literacy
* Economic and community development.
Club News
Board Openings: The Sgt. at Arms and Program Chair positions are open.  If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies please contact President Andy.
Nominating Committee: The nominating committee is meeting soon. If you are interested in serving, please contact Elke Friedman.
From the Fundraising Committee:  We are asking each member to donate two bottles of wine for a wine raffle at the Diamonds and Denim event.  For more information see Alan Karzen or Nate Ruben.
Mark Your Calendar:
11/2: Rotary Club of Wilmette Annual Fundraiser: Celebrity Night Live! starring Rat Pack: A Live Tribute from Las Vegas and Alexandra Turpalas from Zanies Comedy Club. Click here for more information or to purchase tickets.
11/3: HealthRays benefit at Pinstripes.  Tickets are $55.  Click here for more details.
11/17: Diamonds and Denim Charity Auction.  Our club's annual fundraiser.  Make sure you are out there selling raffle tickets and inviting people to attend.
On a Lighter Side
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