October 17, 2017

This Week's Meeting
Get to Know Your Fellow Rotarian.  We will hear from a few of our members.
Last Regular Meeting
Megan Kivarkis  explained how MOMS DEMAND GUN SENSE IN AMERICA has developed the Be Smart framework to help parents and adults prevent child gun deaths and injuries.
Diamonds and Denim Charity Auction
Fireside Meeting at Grill House
Fundraising Comments from the Rotarian

Traditionally, many club fundraisers have depended heavily on members and their friends for donations. Through galas and auctions, for example, clubs can raise large sums but may find returns stagnating or dropping if they go back to the same people year after year. “There are two categories of big fundraisers: an event-driven activity that happens to be a fundraiser and the cause-based fundraiser that’s relevant to the community,” says David Waring, past governor of District 6440 (Illinois, USA). “If you can combine the two, you’ve got a winner.” Most people just want to have fun, he notes, and if they do, they won’t mind spending some money.

And How Close Are We?
Through August 15, 2017 world-wide:
Total polio cases year-to-date = 9 
Total polio cases in 2016 = 37
Total polio cases in 2015 = 74
Last cases:
Afghanistan August 20, 2017 (6)
Pakistan August 20, 2017 (3) 
Nigeria August 20, 2016-2017 (0)
First Names or Nicknames
From the earliest days of Rotary, members have referred to each other on a first-name basis. Since personal acquaintanceship and friendship are cornerstones of Rotary, it was natural that many clubs adopted the practice of setting aside formal titles in conversations among members.
Individuals who normally would be addressed as Doctor, Professor, Mister, the Honorable or Sir are regularly called Joe, Bill, Mary, Karen or Charley by other Rotarians. The characteristic Rotary club name badge fosters the first-name custom.
In a few areas, such as Europe, club members use a more formal style in addressing fellow members. In other parts of the world, mainly in Asian countries, the practice is to assign each new Rotarian a humorous nickname which relates to some personal characteristic or which is descriptive of the member's business or
profession. A member nicknamed "Oxygen" is the manufacturer of chemical gas products. "Trees" is the nickname for the Rotarian in the lumber business, "Building" is the contractor, "Paper" is the stationery or office supply retailer. Other members might carry nicknames like "Muscles," "Foghorn" or "Smiles" as commentaries on their physical features.
The nicknames are frequently a source of good-natured fun and fellowship.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Daniel Craig
October 2
Edward Gordon
October 2
Alan Karzen
October 4
Stanley Sherman
October 6
Kyint Chwa
October 8
Muriel Collison
October 10
Rick Rivkin
October 13
Patricia Scherer
October 14
Ev Schwartz
October 15
Lucinda Kasperson
October 17
Patrick Doland
October 26
Friedoon Hakimian
November 2
Ron Dahlquist
November 6
David Schwalb
November 21
Joel Meisel
October 5
Daniel Sideman
Eva Sideman
October 27
Ron Dahlquist
October 31
Lucinda Kasperson
Dick Kasperson
November 9
Marvin Feig
November 11
Kate Hall
Jon Hall
November 12
David Masters
Vicki Masters
November 19
Michael Doman
Devra Doman
November 19
Join Date
Courtney Olson
October 7, 2008
9 years
Norm Levine
October 7, 2008
9 years
Sandy Frum
October 9, 2001
16 years
Larry Hewitt
October 16, 2007
10 years
Nate Ruben
October 18, 2016
1 year
Michael Ellison
October 27, 2015
2 years
David Masters
October 31, 2000
17 years
John Cavanaugh
November 3, 2015
2 years
Chadwick Raymond
November 19, 1985
32 years
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