July 31, 2018

This Week's Meeting
There will be not be a noon meeting on Tuesday, July 31st.
Members are encouraged to attend the Fireside Meeting on Monday, July 30th at Marcello's in Northbrook.  
The itinerary for the evening is as follows:
5:30 pm - 6:00 cocktails in the bar (this is a cash bar and not included in the dinner cost)
6:00 - 6:45 pm  dinner in the meeting room adjacent to the bar.
6:45 pm the meeting starts
This is for club members only.
President Scott Rose will be emailing an agenda.
Please RSVP to Jim Karagianis by 3:00 pm on Thursday, July 26th.
Last Regular Meeting
Last Regular Meeting:  Avenues of Service.  Members were asked to sit at the table with the Avenue of Service they are most interested in.  Each table discussed potential projects and goals and shared their ideas with the rest of the membership.
Mark Your Calendar
July 30th: Fireside Meeting 5:30-7:30 pm at Marcello's.  
No Noon Meeting on July 31st
August 11th: Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean will be hosting their 10th anniversary celebration at Chrisitian Heritage Academy in Northfield.  The event will include a reception and performance.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit
August 30th: Northbrook Chamber's Meal Packing Event. 
October 26th: Rotary 800
Lucky Bucks Winner: Carlos Frum

Could you be the next RI president?

What it takes to be a leader in Rotary (from the Rotarian)

RI President Barry Rassin says he learned more about leadership from Rotary than he did pursuing his MBA – or even as president of the hospital he ran for years. “It takes more skill to lead volunteers,” he insists. “It’s harder than leading employees.”

Rotary also gave Rassin the opportunity to practice public speaking. “When I started in Rotary, I couldn’t make a speech to save my life,” he says – a remarkable admission from a man who is clearly comfortable addressing large crowds today.


There are other benefits to assuming a leadership position at Rotary. The organization’s leaders gain access to world-class training that prepares them for their roles. As they ascend the ranks, they also expand their networks to include accomplished professionals from around the world. 

A new generation of good leaders is essential to Rotary’s future. They help guide the organization, contribute their professional expertise, and build goodwill with other leaders while working toward a common goal: helping Rotarians create sustainable, positive change. 

Thinking of taking on a leadership role? Read on to learn more about different positions available within Rotary and the myths – here debunked – often associated with them.

Club president

Club presidents plan and lead club meetings, set goals, encourage communication between club and district committees, review expenditures, participate in decisions, and motivate club members. They also collaborate with the district governor and assistant governor. Any member in good standing is eligible to become club president, though most presidents have already served their clubs as a committee chair or in some other leadership role.

MYTH: It’s all on you.

“People think they have to be good at everything to be club president,” says Conor Gee, who was president of the Rotary Club of Chicago in 2017-18. “But you’re building a team around you. You learn what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, and you can rely on others to fill the gaps.”


Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Andy Vass
July 5
Kellie Allgauer
July 10
Michael Ellison
August 11
Bill Byrne
August 21
Kate Hall
August 23
Ronald Bernardi
August 29
Michael Riggle
July 10
Suzi Gantz
Lou Gantz
July 11
Marc Lonoff
Alice Lonoff
July 14
Patrick Doland
Kathy Doland
July 21
John Howard
Barbara Howard
July 27
Larry Hewitt
August 8
Michael Ellison
Fern Ellison
August 13
Ed Nadler
Sue Nadler
August 14
John Cavanaugh
August 17
Norm Levine
Shelly Levine
August 20
Carlos Früm
Sandy Frum
August 23
JP Deheeger
Jil Deheeger
August 23
Sandy Früm
August 23
Brian Rieger
August 24
Daniel Craig
August 30
Join Date
Daniel Craig
July 1, 1994
24 years
Elke Friedman
July 1, 2003
15 years
Dick Hochschild
July 11, 1989
29 years
Judy Warchol
July 16, 1991
27 years
Brian Rieger
July 27, 2006
12 years
Ned Schechter
August 1, 2017
1 year
Rick Rivkin
August 1, 1999
19 years
Daniel Sideman
August 14, 1984
34 years
Kyint Chwa
August 24, 1999
19 years
Andy Vass
August 28, 2012
6 years
Nathan Levin
August 29, 2017
1 year
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