November 21, 2017

This Week's Meeting
Today November 21, 2017
Coat Off Your Back 
Last Regular Meeting
Ned Meisner from Meisner Financial Services Group spoke about his experience as a financial planner and his focus on how to help clients find ways to maximize the money that isn't taxed and minimize the money you have that gets double taxed.  While that is the goal, you need to have a plan for taxes and assume it will be there while also asking yourself "Who do you want to get your money?"  In order to be effective, you should make a plan so you can give money to charities of your choice now and after you pass.  
Diamonds and Denim Charity Auction
Rotarians Helping at Hunger Resource Network's Community Outreach Day
Coat Off Your Back: There are 33 collection barrels around the community.  If you would like to host a collection barrel, please contact John Cavanaugh. 
Operation Santa Claus: Santa Gary reported that there are still 200 wishlists available. If you have not already signed up to participate, please contact Gary.
**The distribution at the Goethe School has been changed from December 14th to December 15th**
Save the Date: Christmas Party on Friday, December 15th at Jim and Julie Karagianis' home.
Lucky Bucks: Ed Nadler
Peace Partnership
Rotary Day at the UN culminates Geneva Peace Week. That event’s organizers include the Institute for Economics and Peace, a global think tank that uses data-driven research to analyze peace and quantify its economic value.
This summer, the institute and Rotary announced a strategic partnership that will pair the two organizations’ individual strengths — empirical research and community connections — and focus them on resolving conflict and achieving peace.
Comments from a Rotary Scholar Levi Vonk from The Rotarian
During my time as a Rotary scholar, I learned to look at development differently. We often think of international aid in terms of poverty reduction, and we often see poverty reduction in terms of dollars spent and earned.
The anthropology of development aims to analyze global aid in another way. We pay particular attention to how initiatives play out on the ground to determine just what local communities’ needs are and how those needs might be met sustainably and, eventually, autonomously. When I was living in migrant shelters, we often received huge, unsolicited shipments of clothing from well-intentioned organizations. Had they asked us, we would have told them that their efforts, and money, were wasted. In fact, directors had to pay for hundreds of pounds of clothing to be taken to the dump when space ran out at the shelter. 
Among the things shelters actually needed, I learned, were clean water, better plumbing, and medical care. But shelter directors did not just want these items shipped over in bulk; they needed infrastructure – water purification, functioning toilets, and access to a hospital, along with the skills and knowledge to maintain these systems themselves. 
On the Lighter Side
-An Englishman was visiting an American home for Thanksgiving and a young man asked whether the English celebrated Thanksgiving. “Oh, yes, indeed,” the visitor replied.” But we celebrate it on the Fourth of July.”
-After sitting down to a grand Thanksgiving spread a woman announced,” Before we get started, I think we ought to give thanks to the Lord. ”Without skipping a beat her sister grumbled, ”I think we better taste the meal first.”
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