October 3, 2017

This Week's Meeting
Today's program:  Megan Kivarkis will talk about gun safety and reducing teen suicide.
Today is also Food Pantry Day.  Please bring non-perishable food items for the Northfield Township Food Pantry.  Items most needed at the Pantry include: rice, canned tomatoes, beverages (coffee, tea, juices), paper products and diapers.  
Did You Know?   Everything the Pantry distributes is donated or purchased with donated funds?  No tax dollars are used to supply the Pantry.
Last Regular Meeting
Each table was designated for a discussion of one of the five Avenues of Service (Community, Youth, Vocational, Club and International).  Club Directors discussed what projects were underway and members shared ideas about potential projects.
Diamonds and Denim Charity Auction
Speakers/Programs needed.  Do you have a lead on an excellent speaker or program? If so, contact Ken Kurtz.
Operation Santa Claus:  Gary Moriello is gearing up for this year's Operation Santa Claus.  This year there will be over 1,200 children from two schools submitting wish lists.  Wish lists will be available in the coming weeks.  For more information see Gary.
Mark Your Calendar
October 1st: Diamonds and Denim fundraising committee meeting will be held at 11:00 am at Lewis Floor and Home.
October 8th: Purdue Glee Club at Christian Heritage Academy.  For more information contact Jim Karagianis.
October 10th:  NO NOON MEETING
October 11th: Fireside at Grill House, 3061 Dundee Road in Northbrook.  Beginning at 6:00 pm.  Hope to see you there.
Lucky Bucks Winner: Dave Masters
Polio Progress
Since the eradication of Polio in the Western Hemisphere, students, youth and many Americans do not know anything about Polio--- how do we let them know?
We can build awareness of the horror of Polio victims and the general public prior to the Salk vaccine by showing the iron lung to the community. Our District is privileged to be the home of the iconic symbol of Polio's past in America.  Recently purchased with the help of anonymous donors and donations we will be able build awareness of the fact that Polio is still just a one plane trip away.  
Welcome to Toronto
Toronto has been shaped by immigrants, who have added new languages, customs, and foods while boosting the economy.
Condo buildings are going up rapidly, and beyond downtown’s skyscrapers, Toronto is a sprawling network of neighborhoods: from ethnic enclaves such as Little Italy and Little India to Kensington Market with its bohemian cafés and Yorkville with its postcard-perfect Victorian houses.
But despite its size, Toronto is safe and easy to navigate. The streets are clean. And the city’s 2.8 million residents – half of whom were born in other countries – speak more than 140 languages. The result is a cultural convergence that makes Toronto feel like home no matter where you’re from.
Come to the Rotary International Convention June 23-27, 2018.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Larry Kanar
September 1
Ned Schechter
September 6
Gary Moriello
September 21
Ernst Janzen
September 22
Rob Bassler
September 25
Daniel Craig
October 2
Edward Gordon
October 2
Alan Karzen
October 4
Stanley Sherman
October 6
Kyint Chwa
October 8
Muriel Collison
October 10
Rick Rivkin
October 13
Patricia Scherer
October 14
Ev Schwartz
October 15
Lucinda Kasperson
October 17
Patrick Doland
October 26
David Schwalb
Shawna Schwalb
September 4
Howard Schultz
September 4
Dick Hochschild
September 5
Scott Rose
Gwen Rose
September 15
Andy Vass
September 16
James Mazzetti
September 20
Jeff Tideman
September 21
Joel Meisel
October 5
Daniel Sideman
Eva Sideman
October 27
Ron Dahlquist
October 31
Join Date
Ernst Janzen
September 1, 1966
51 years
Stanley Sherman
September 1, 1970
47 years
Ev Schwartz
September 3, 2013
4 years
Vera Mayer
September 5, 2006
11 years
Alan Karzen
September 15, 2009
8 years
Joel Meisel
September 24, 2002
15 years
Gayle Curcio
September 27, 2006
11 years
Courtney Olson
October 7, 2008
9 years
Norm Levine
October 7, 2008
9 years
Sandy Frum
October 9, 2001
16 years
Larry Hewitt
October 16, 2007
10 years
Nate Ruben
October 18, 2016
1 year
Michael Ellison
October 27, 2015
2 years
David Masters
October 31, 2000
17 years
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