August 14, 2018

This Week's Meeting
Today August 14, 2018: "Letters from the Heart" 
Dennis Depcik is an award winning author of the book “Wouldn’t It Be Something.” Born and raised in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, he graduated from Loyola University in 1965 and served as an officer in the United States Army until 1968. It was during this tour of duty that he and his eventual wife, Maggie, came to know each other and fell in love – almost solely through letters.
Dennis has shared his touching love story at multiple venues. 
Last Regular Meeting
Last Regular Meeting:  Matthew Berrafato author of the books "Elephant Hunting" and "Purpose or Passion, Which Comes First?" shared his unique and exciting concept, empowering people to identify their life's passion while charting a course to begin moving closer to a healthy life balance and the realization of their dreams.
Volunteers Needed to Help with the Lock Out Hunger Initiative
There are four Lock Out Hunger collection barrels at the following businesses in Northbrook; Village Hall, the Northbrook  Public Library, Northbrook Bank & Trust at Waukegan and Shermer and at Centrust Bank on Waukegan at the Spur.  
The non-perishable food items in these barrels needs to be collected every few weeks and delivered to the Northfield Township Food Pantry located at 2550 Waukegan Road in Glenview (Waukegan Road just south of Willow Road).  We need FOUR volunteers, one for each collection site, to empty the barrels and deliver the food to the Pantry for the next few months.
Please contact Dave Masters if you can volunteer for this important work.
Mark Your Calendar
August 30th: Northbrook Chamber's Meal Packing Event.  
September 13th: 2018 Rotary Road Trip to Miller Park.  The deadline is fast approaching, place your order today.  For ticket and sponsor information visit
October 26th: Rotary 800
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