April 10, 2018

This Week's Meeting
Today April 10, 2018: Dr. Tyra Manning will give a program on mental health.
Last Regular Meeting
Last Regular Meeting-Naperville Rotarian Bret Weiss described his visits to Kenya and the development of the Breanard & Elsie Weiss Dago Scholarship Fund.  The Dago Scholarship Fund provides funding for girls and boys from Dago to attend four years of high school.
Mark Your Calendar
May 17th-20th: District 6440 Conference in Sheboygan, WI.  
May 24th:  Rotary Grants Banquet at Youth Services of Glenvew/Northbrook located at 3080 W. Lake Avenue in Glenview beginning at 6:00 pm.
June 16th: Rotary Installation Dinner, Saturday June 16th at Sunset Ridge Country Club beginning at 6:00 pm.
July 4th: Pancake Breakfast & Parade.  
July 10th: Rubber Ducky Race at Village Green.  There will be NO noon meeting on July 10th.
October 26th: Rotary 800
Lucky Bucks winner: Ed Nadler
From the Community Service Committee
Volunteer opportunities:
Northbrook Public Library: Ushers for film and music programs.
Special Gifts Theatre: Concession and ticket sales for performances on April 14th, 15th and May 20th.
Northbrook Symphony Orchestra: Serve water during event intermissions.  Performance dates: March 25th and May 6th.
Village of Northbrook: Clean up debris around the village on April 21st.
North Suburban Special Recreation Association: Register runners for 5K fun run on May 18th.
GBN Grad Night Committee: Help decorate GBN for Grad Night on June 1st or 2nd.
If you’re interested in any of these projects, please contact Dave Masters.
Pathways to Peace Event
“Sustaining the Long Peace” is the final event in the Pathways to Peace series organized by Rotary International in partnership with the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy.   Using TEDx-style presentations, panelists will discuss how a new generation of peacebuilders are working in communities around the world to ensure that today’s challenges – from a record migrant population, to increasing unrest with global institutions of governance – do not undermine the reduction in overall violence in the last century.
This free event will take place on Tuesday, April 10th, in the auditorium at RI World Headquarters (1560 Sherman Avenue, Evanston) from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Speakers include Rotary Peace Fellows Susan Stigant, Director of Africa Programs at the U.S. Institute of Peace, and Abdi Ahmed, who has created innovative programs to integrate refugees in Canada. Harris Public Policy Alumni who will speak include Kristen Hajduk, Counterterrorism Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Hafsah Lak, who was instrumental in the creation of a first-of-its-kind Violence Against Women Center in Pakistan. A reception will follow immediately afterwards.
More Comments from RI President Elect Barry Rassin
We’ve got to get better at social media. When you look at our numbers versus a celebrity’s, we’re nothing. We need Rotarians to access social media and use it to improve our public image. And that’s the other part of it: I don’t believe our communities understand what Rotary is. I want to hold Rotary days so clubs and districts can get into their communities and talk about Rotary – what do we do and why do we do it.
I want clubs to have leadership development programs for their members. Rotary’s new vision statement says: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” It is a great opportunity to remind everybody that as members of Rotary clubs, we’re also there for personal development.
Young people are looking for ways to grow and develop, and that gives them another reason to join Rotary. Those are the key things I want to go with.
The Secretariat
Many Rotarians consider the Secretariat simply another name for the RI World Headquarters in Evanston. Actually, it is much more. While it does include the World Headquarters, the Secretariat encompasses nearly 500 individuals working to make Rotary International run smoothly and effectively. The term describes the entire operations of the general secretary and his staff. The Secretariat also includes eight Rotary Service Centres (formerly called Branch Offices) around the world, all of the staff serving in those centres, as well as all staff assigned to The Rotary Foundation.
Its sole purpose is to serve the clubs, districts and administrative officers of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. RI World Headquarters, in a building called One Rotary Centre in Evanston, is the headquarters of the Secretariat.
Rotary District 6440 Conference
Most Rotarians have never attended a Rotary district conference. They have, not experienced one of the most enjoyable and rewarding privileges of Rotary membership. A district conference is for all club members and their spouses, not just for club officers and committee members. The purpose of a district conference is for fellowship, good fun, inspirational speakers and discussion of matters that make one's Rotary membership more meaningful. Every person who attends a district conference finds that being a Rotarian becomes even more rewarding because of the new experiences, insights and acquaintances developed at the conference. Those who attend a conference enjoy going back, year after year. Everyone of Rotary's more than 525 districts has a conference annually These meetings are considered so important that the Rotary International president selects a knowledgeable Rotarian as his personal representative to attend and address each conference. The program always includes several outstanding entertainment features, interesting discussions and inspirational programs. One of the added benefits of attending a district conference is the opportunity to become better acquainted with members of one's own club in an informal setting. Lasting friendships grow from the fellowship hour at the district conference.
District 6440 District Conference is May 17-20th.  
Mark Your Calendar!
This year's District Conference will be held at the Blue Harbor Resort and Conference Center in Sheboygan Wisconsin, May 17th-20th.  Registration is open! Visit to secure your spot.  
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