As we are all aware, COVID-19 is constantly causing changes in the rules as to how we can meet in person.  As of January 3rd, the Cook County Department of Public Health has mandated that certain businesses (including food establishments) “must require any individual 5 years of age or older to show proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with an approved vaccine in order to enter the establishment.”  This mandate applies to the Hilton – Chicago/Northbrook, as well as all restaurants in Cook County.
However, “businesses may, in the interest of efficiency, allow patrons to provide the vaccine proof prior to entry, either directly to the business itself or through an intermediary such as an event planner.”  
Given these new mandates, the Rotary Club of Northbrook is asking:
  1. All members to provide a copy of your vaccination card to Sandy Frum (email; text 847-370-2816; or at a meeting) so that she may maintain a master list of all those who are vaccinated.  The information included on the card will NOT be shared with others except to inform the meeting place that you have been vaccinated.
  2. All members to carry a copy of your vaccination card with you, either paper or digitally, when you attend a Club meeting in case you are required to show it.
Those who do not have a card OR have not sent or shown a copy of the card to Sandy Frum will NOT be allowed entrance to a meeting.
Thank you for your willingness to comply with these new rules during these difficult times.
Again, Happiest of New Years!
The Rotary Club of Northbrook