Find your passion and your passion will find you - says Donna Gulley 
Find your passion and your passion will find you
Newscope 10/22/2019
Ron Bernardi did a great job with Fun and Frolic as usual. Jim Karagianis spoke briefly about his trip to South Africa. He was shocked by the conditions. There is a significant percentage of the population with no running water or proper sewerage living in very unsanitary conditions. He reminded us how lucky we are to be living in America.
Donna Gulley was the presenter and it was one of the best presentations! Donna has been in Rotary for 16 years and has visited almost every club in the district. She has visited Rotary clubs in several states including Boston, New Orleans, and Hawaii. And she has visited over 15 countries , not only as a fellow Rotarian but also as a representative for Shelter Box. The places she has visited include Bermuda, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Peru, Capetown S. Africa, Panama, Sarasota, Australia , New Zealand, Japan , Serbia , Guatamala and El Salvador meeting wonderful people everywhere and had some great stories to tell. In Bermuda she met a woman that raised money by walking the entire perimeter. In Santorini she helped them to get a Pulsox meter. In Panama Donna helped get air conditioning into some hospital rooms. And Donna is doing amazing work and helping hundreds of people as a representative for Shelter Box.
Donna reminded us to visit Rotary Club Locator on all our travels to connect with other Rotary members throughout the world. It’s a great way to meet some interesting people and maybe even make a difference in the world as Donna has done on many occasions.
In Donna’s words “I joined Rotary to change the world and Rotary changed me. “
She also shared these words of wisdom “Find your passion and your passion will find you.“
There are 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. So when you travel remember to use Rotary Club locator and always wear your Rotary pin. You just might run into a fellow Rotarian where you don’t expect to (like the airport!)                      
Reported by Jon Jay Miller, Public Image Committee