Did you know there are 1,035 Homeless Youth living in Lake County Illinois. The Rotary Club of North Chicago wants to help them now! Our goal is to give each youth a new coat along with winter gear, personal items and holiday stockings. Because the weather is getting colder, please consider giving to support this endeavor. It only takes a minute to donate, just click the donate link button now. More info to follow.
 The Homeless Youth Initiative - We are engaged to help all 1,035 homeless youth and runaways that live in Lake County, Illinois, including foster children. The goal is to help ensure that each targeted youth has a warm holiday season by the giving of new winter coats and apparel. Initially, we were only going to give “gift stockings”. However, we know these youths could use so much more. Therefore, we are providing Holiday Stockings / Gift Bags filled with PPE, winter essentials, art supplies, food snacks and/or gift cards. The collection for items and donations start October 1st.
Listed below are other essential items needed to help these young people:


Hats (Please, no scarves)

$10 Fast food gift Cards...helps youths by providing a warm meal... McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Taco Bell, etc

$10 Walgreens, CVS or Dollar Tree Gift Cards for toiletries like female hygiene products


Sports water bottles

Hot Cocoa Packets

Protein Drinks

Aloe Lotion - Large tube is preferred over bottles.

Body Wipes

Axe Deodorant- Large size

Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Chap Stick

Snacks (Peanut Free)

Candy, boxed

Sugar Free Mint Gum (Best deal at Costco)

Tooth Brushes/Tooth Paste (Sponsored by Dentists)

Sponsor Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner at a foster facility

Email inquiries to: angelawalkerlive@aol.com