Eco Satellite Club

A satellite rotary club supporting the efforts of environmentally conscious businesses and Rotarians.  


Our Club's Mission

Our club is dedicated to recognizing, supporting, and developing sustainably focused products, companies, and Rotarians globally. 
We connect virtually from computers across the globe to share innovations, experiences, and ideas pertaining to the conservation of our environment. 
If you are interested in joining our club please email Mark Gibson at
 1. Addressing the health of our oceans with a special focus on coral reef restoration.
2. Clearing our oceans, waterways, and planet from plastic pollution and seeking more sustainable solutions for decreased use and repurposing while also identifying and eliminating microplastics.
3. Promoting biodiversity that includes coral reef restoration, increasing mangrove and land-based forests,  wetlands, pollinators, and native plants and trees. 
4. Reducing and seeking to eliminate invasive species.
Our club members clearing invasive species!
Mark and the crew eliminate buckthorn and honeysuckle invasive species.
Bluestar recycling program with support from our club members.
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