May5, 2022 Meeting Notes
In Person (Walker Brothers) & Remote (ZOOM) Meeting

Attendance: Janice Kellman - President, Stan Roelker - Treasurer, Alan Nerad - Past-President/Charitable Fund; Brad Burke - Secretary, Dale McClain, Nancy Bruzzini, Barb Tolbert; 
Guests: Nicole Scuffham, President National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Lake County

Pledge: Dale McClain
Four-Way Test: Barb Tolbert

Thought for the Day: Stan Roelker
Fun & Frolic: Nancy Bruzzini

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks: Brad Burke

Club Business: Janice Kellman called the meeting to order and introduced Nicole Scuffham from the Lake County chapter of the National Alliance of Mental Illness.
Speaker: Nicole Scuffham, President National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Lake County thanked everyone for the invitation to speak. Nicole provided background on her growing up and being diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder. She shared her journey on starting to understand her own mental health challenges. She shared about her work with the Lake Park Center in Waukegan. She noted she has been on the board of NAMI Lake County for the past four years.

Ms. Scuffham noted talking about mental health is a challenge for different people. NAMI's mission is education and to end stigma about mental illness. She noted she typically uses mental health "condition" as a term rather than illness, because the word illness indicates that there is a cure.

Ms. Scuffham shared information on the various programs available through NAMI in Lake County. She noted the organization is governed by a 12 member Board of Directors. She shared the primary program offered is family to family class. It is offered by trained staff to help family members understand caring for loved ones diagnosed with mental health condition.

Ms. Scuffham shared information on the role of NAMI in supporting veterans organizations and veterans and family members in need. She shared information on the support groups offered by NAMI throughout Lake County. Share shared information on various programs and offerings available online.

Ms. Scuffham shared information on various support needs provided to LGBTQ community as well as folks in need coming out of the pandemic. She noted various resources are available on the NAMI Lake County website at:
Ms. Scuffham shared information on the changes in suicide rates coming out of the pandemic. She noted NAMI's objective in raising suicide awareness. For people who work in mental health for their career will lose at least one patient to suicide. She shared her personal journey related to clients and individuals with suicide.

Ms. Scuffman shared information on the upcoming national suicide hotline at 988. She noted 211 is a great outlet in Lake County to help connect individuals with resources.
Ms. Scuffman shared information on NAMI's work with homeless individuals in the county.

A discussion of the current moment in mental health and crisis right now followed.
Dale McClain asked what the club could do. Ms. Scuffham shared information on the day member services available at $5/day and annual membership at $40/year. She noted helping to bring awareness to NAMI would be of great benefit.

A discussion of mental health awareness month followed. Ms. Scuffham shared information on her various program activities coming up for the month.
Barb Tolbert inquired what NAMI does at the high school level. Ms. Scuffham noted NAMI does offer program at high schools.

Club Business 
Rotary Youth Club (RYC): No report.
Raffle: Two cards drawn and no win.
Adjourn: The meeting adjourned just after 9:00 a.m.