January 30, 2020 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Tadashi Enami, Stan Roelker, Alan Nerad, Brad Burke, Deepti Patel, Xander Horwitz, Bryan Elliott,
Guests:  Dr. Ted Goergen, Director of Student Activities; Glenn Meier - Buffalo Grove Club
Pledge of Allegiance: Neil Perlman
4-Way Test:  Glenn Meier

Thought for the Day: Stan Roelker

Fun & Frolic: Neil Perlman, Stan Roelker

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks: Xander Horwitz

Announcement: Alan Nerad introduced guests in attendance at the meeting including Dr. Ted Goergen from Stevenson High School and Glenn Meier with the Buffalo Grove Rotary Club. 

Alan Nerad provided a report on the Rotary Youth Club (RYC). Alan noted RYC is working on posters for the upcoming co-curricular fair. The fair will be held the Wednesday before spring break.

Alan Nerad noted RYC members are turning in RYLA applications for the upcoming Rotary Youth Leadership Academy event. Alan noted Stevenson High School is willing to sponsor up to five club members.

Alan Nerad noted RYC will be hosting the next Trivia Night on March 6, 2020.

Alan Nerad noted the Lincolnshire Morningstar Rotary Club recently purchased t-shirts for the RYC members. The cost for the shirts was $7.00 per shirt, and the club used the  same vendor as was used for the 5K Race.

Brad Burke provided a report on the 5K Race meeting held on January 29, 2020.  Alan Nerad shared information on the plan to increase the price of the race by $5.00 which will include one breakfast for the event. This should help boost sales for the Scout's breakfast. Alan Nerad noted 15% of net earnings for the race will go to Village to offset Village of Lincolnshire support for the event. Alan Nerad noted the club will be updating the flyers and get the registration information out to local running clubs, health clubs, as well as to Stevenson High School track team.

Alan Nerad confirmed that Mundelein/Vernon Hills Club will be taking solely the two Vernon Hills events this corn sales season. The Lincolsnhire Club will not have to provide support for Summer Celebration or Little Bear Rib Festival.

Speaker:  Dr. Ted Goergen, Director of Student Activities Stevenson High School, introduced himself and his topic discussing co-curricular activities at the school. Dr. Goergen noted he completed a dissertation about students relationship with co-curricular activities and their sense of belonging. He noted his work found there is a relationship between involvement and sense of belonging at school.

Dr. Georgen shared a lot of work has recently been done at Stevenson High School to address sense of belonging at school. SHS knows about one-third of students walk the halls and do not feel a sense of belonging at the school.

Dr. Georgen shared about 90% of students at school are involved in co-curricular activities at SHS. He explained the s
tructures in place to obtain the voice of the student body, and noted the biggest work in student activities at moment is how do we engage in student activities for the right reasons for authentic / right reasons. He noted the goal of this work is creating kids that are authentic and have purpose.

Raffle: Two cards drawn and no winner. 

Adjournment: 8:30 a.m.