February 25, 2021 Meeting Notes
In Person (Walker Brothers) & Remote (ZOOM) Meeting

Attendance:  Karen Van Craenbroeck, Janice Kellman, Alan Nerad, Brad Burke; Neil Perlman, Stan Roelker, Nancy Bruzzini, Bryan Elliott, Serge Minin, Deepti Patel
Guests: Barb Tolbert,Caren Naidoff and Alan Press of the Shire Law Group, PC
Pledge: Alan Nerad

Four-Way Test:  Karen Van Craenbroeck

Thought for the Day: Neil Perlman

Fun & Frolic: Stan Roelker

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks: 

Speaker: Caren Naidoff and Alan Press of the Shire Law Group provided a presentation to the club on Sexual Harassment in the workplace. In 2019, employers paid out a record $68.2 million to those alleging sexual harassment via complaints through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Ms. Naidoff shared information on the Workplace Transparency Act and the requirement that all employers provide training to all employees annually.  The Act provides strict requirements of what needs to be met in terms of the content of the training.  Ms. Naidoff provided information on the definition of sexual harassment.

Caren and Alan shared information on recent changes to state law requiring sexual harassment training that must be conducted for all employees annually. Anybody onboarded must get the training. The Workplace Transparency Act also requires contract employees be trained as well. A discussion of the changes to training requirements under the Workplace Transparency Act and how training content has evolved to meet the new standards.  Caren closed the presentation on encouraging all employers to provide the training and help people understand what may be considered offensive.

Neil Perlman inquired if training is required for volunteer organization. Caren noted she would research and get information back to the club.

Announcement: Alan Nerad with the North Chicago Rotary Club continues to share information about availability of COVID-19 vaccinations. Check out website www.ilvaccine.org.

Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 9:08 a.m.