On Wednesday, May 1st, President Bob Zamor presided over this year's annual event.  Charitable Committee head, Steve Risley observed, "The Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Club is pleased and proud to support these organizations. Since its’ inception in 1987, our club has provided over $750,000 in grants to local, regional and international groups embodying Rotary’s motto of: SERVICE ABOVE SELF"

For a list of Recipients, click on the "More" link below this picure.

Beacon  Place 847.623.2112

Barb Karacic Gene Sekel

Bear Magic 847.367.0087

Doreen Lagoni

Bernie’s Book Bank 847.780.7323

Brian Floriani

Boys and Girls Clubs of Lake County

Donna Funk 847.473.5990

Career Resource Center 847.295.5626

Jan LeahyMelissa Jensen

Covers of Comfort

Katie and Cindy Widmar

Dan’s House of Hope

Ann and Steve McKnight

David Adler Music and Arts Center

Amy Williams 847.367.0707

Equestrian Connection 847.615.8696

Diana Schnell

FIT Teen Moms 847.244.8306

Janet Eichelberger

April Stallworth

Free Spirits 847.367.1610

Diane Chapin



Diana Helt

Healthreach 847.360.8800

Nancy Bock

Melissa Albach

Helping From Heaven 847.624.5394

Jim and Donna Greco

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance

Jim Bryar


Center For Independent Living

Claudia Stevens

Laura Mellon 847.949.4440

Lake County Cares

Nina Lustig

Dr. Laura Brown

Lake County Haven 847.680.1841

Dennis Ryan

LHS Best Buddies 847.327.7034

Lindsay Recsetar

LHS TOPCATS 847.327.7039

Audrey Glenn Sue Dolan

LHS Stars Swim Team 847.362.6272

Becky Peacock

Ann Davidsen

Liberty Town Theater 847.549.7691

Barry Reszel

Terry Bangs

Libertyville Senior Center

Vera Pergl-Butkovich

Maristella 847.367.5360

Sonia Mares

Mother’s Trust 847.482.9189

Sara Klise

Emilie Ventling

Reading Power 224.715.2134

John Koopman

Rebecca Mullen

Rebuilding Together

Sharon Riley 847.869.0900

Rosalind Franklin University

Dr. LeciaApantaku Elizabeth Rosiles



Ann Subry

Waukegan 2 College 630.306.5512

Elyse Danckers

Willow House 847.236.9300

Ed Walters

Kitty Hoffman

Youth and Family Counseling 847.367.5991

Janelle Moravek

Kristin Keramidas

Youth Conservation Corps 847.623.0900

Bob McCammon

Tristan Rensema

Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center

Alexandra Beiriger 847.244.1187


Allen J Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation

Allen J. Lynch

I Plus Lake County


Pat Lynch



Sari Rubin

Veteran Affairs Commission 847.377.3344

Michael Peck