On Monday evening at 8:30, we'll hear from a speaker who made such an impact at the noon club that we asked her to come back and speak to the evening club.  Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar, director of Rahab's Daughters in Barrington will alert us to the problem of human trafficking in Lake County, even in Lake Zurich and Barrington.  Rahab's Daughters offers survivors of human trafficking, shelter, clothing, education, vocational training, and the ability to create a Dream Plan that empowers them to start making choices for their own lives and break free from being controlled by someone else.   The group provides a wide range of prevention and education options, including Moms Against Trafficking, Dads Against Trafficking and Dogs Against Trafficking.   

Our meeting location is at La Hacienda in Deer Park. 21250 N. Field Parkway.  We'll begin the meeting 6:30 pm with the pledge, the four-way test and ordering dinner, then proceed directly into Sam's talk.  Don't miss this important opportunity to hear about a problem that we can help solve right in our own backyard.