Harriet Ford of the Grafton Food Pantry accepted $1,000 from Monique Mahon, President of the Rotary Club of Huntley, then thanked Rotarians for $8,000, which is the buying power she has with the Northern Illinois Food Bank.
When Grafton Food Pantry receives $1,000 from Rotary Club of Huntley, they can purchase $8,000 worth of food from the Food Bank.  Non-perishables are needed and received with great joy; however, when the community donates dollars, the pantry’s  purchasing power is multiplied by 8 and that greatly increases the amount of food they can provide to people in need in Huntley.  For years, the Rotary Club on a weekly and monthly basis, depending on the location, picks up food products from 4 Village locations and delivers them to the pantry providing another service to the community.