Lyle Staab is  Rotary District 6440 governor  starting as of July 1 2020-- thanks to Lyle for his Rotary service in leading our District -- District 6440 is made up of over 70 Rotary clubs  in the north, northwest and west suburbs of Chicago  -- Lyle has a video message  on the District  website and it can also be found on YouTube


From Lyle---

Every year, at the stroke of midnight on July 1st, Rotary's leadership worldwide - in all 35,000 clubs and 529 Districts - is passed to a new team.  Suzanne Gibson, who did such a magnificent job, became a Past District Governor, and now it's my turn to lead 6440.  I'm humbled by the confidence you've placed in me, and I will work diligently to be a worthy successor to all those who have served in this role.


Last night at around 11PM, I recorded some thoughts on the year facing us and the opportunities - yes, opportunities! - we can uncover in this chaotic time.  You can find the recording on the District website homepage -


We've all heard the saying - some say it's a curse - "May you live in interesting times".  In these interesting times, I know we will together prove our creativity, resilience, and persistence, and make 2020-2021 the best year ever for District 6440.  


Stay well,