Club president Paula Krapf led the meeting on July 21 2020.  Our next Zoom meeting is on August 4 2020 8 am.  We plan to meet outdoors on August 18 2020.  Thank you club members for participation and support.  August 4 meting will feature Al Edgecombe who will talk about Geneva's world class cross country facility that is now completed.  August 18 meeting will be at Wheeler Park, the south pavilion near the mini golf - time to be announced.  Bring your own coffee and breakfast; also the restrooms are open  but bring hand sanitizer or soap;  bug repellent is also recommended.   Dues will be collected again in August.  AID holiday party - format for 2020 to be determined  but we will have gifts and  celebrate the season as much as possible with our friends at AID.  Our 2019-2020 exchange student Smaranda has been staying with relatives in South Carolina  for past several months and she will return home soon.  She has done volunteer work as a sailing instructor while in Charleston SC.   Our district 6440 will rebate to our club $400 because of cancellation of several district events this year.