Great turnout  and very enthusiastic Tri City Rotary  meeting on November 5  2019    - Batavia, St Charles  Noon and Morning  and Geneva Rotary clubs.  St Charles Morning led meeting and provided the speaker.   Meeting at Riverside Receptions.   Program  by Michael Valipour  of  Bio Blaze Community Bio Lab --       from their website ---       BioBlaze provides STEM K-12 outreach, biotech workshops for adults, ongoing global and local community projects, and a space for grassroots innovation in science for people to work on their own projects. At BioBlaze, we strive to democratize science by providing a coworking lab space and shared equipment to promote open-source collaboration among people with diverse knowledge and backgrounds.  The Bio Blaze presentation  by  Michael Valipour  was  very informative  and generated many questions from the Rotarians.