212 North College Street
Batavia, IL  60510
United States of America


Rotary Community Service


2019 Geneva Rotary Thanksgiving Morning Community Service Project  8 am  to 10 am November 28 2019
Club volunteers needed--  family members and friends also welcome.
Please  wear work clothes  and  bring  landscaping tools -- 
  tasks to be done   clean gutters, mow lawn,  trim hedges and other shrubs,  cut back hostas,   cut out wild  mulberries,   raking and other general  yard clean up  -----
location    212 North College Street Batavia  IL  60510
more info contact project chair  Joe McMahon    cell phone  630 217 7562 
the site  is located   northeast of downtown Batavia--   its   4 blocks east of Route 25 Washington Street;    from Route 25 Washington Street--    go east on either Franklin Street    or Spring Street   to North College Street  
Thank you for your Rotary Community Service !