Posted by Ada Kahn on Jun 15, 2021

 Rotopep Vol. 101 No. 49

Rotary Club of Evanston

June 17, 2021

 Program: Rotarian Choice: No Regular Lunch Meeting


Meeting of June 10, 2021:
Evelyn Lee spoke about “Health and Nutrition: Insights gained and actions inspired by the COVID-19  Pandemic.”  She highlighted guidelines published by the CDC for people with medical conditions, particularly diabetes, heart conditions, and obesity. The CDC published that individuals with these conditions are more likely to become severely ill from COVID-19 and may need hospitalization, intensive care, a ventilator to help them breathe, and they may die. Older adults are also more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19.  Additional findings published by the CDC indicated that long-standing systemic health and social inequities have put various groups of people at increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19. These groups include many racial and ethnic minority groups and people who have disabilities. 
During the pandemic, there were reports indicating that the immune system can be enhanced by the appropriate intake of zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C. Other immune-supporting ingredients include elderberry and ginger. To learn more about the factors supporting health well-being, she is learning about integrative nutrition from the perspective of a health coach.  Integrated nutrition for good health includes a balance not only of protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, but also career, relationships, spirituality, and physical activity.  Rotary service supports health through relationships with friends and fellowships, recognition of all professions, service projects, and random acts of kindness.
During the pandemic, Evelyn has written a career guidebook to be released soon.  A Career in Healthcare: Making a Difference, One Day at a Time 
Paul Fischl, D D S, spoke about “Dealing with Covid-19  in a small healthcare office.”
With a one-day notice, his dental office closed from March 17 until the day after Memorial Day, 2020.
While the office was closed, Paul took several online webinars, including opioid safety, bullying, and recognizing child abuse. “We took advantage of the time to digitize all patient charts, which had been on paper,” said Paul.
“At first, our approach was to see only emergency patients and not to use Personal Protective Equipment that hospitals needed,” said Paul.   To get ready to safely reopen the office before patients returned, a huge pro-grade air purifier was installed in the reception room and smaller ones for exam rooms. Newspapers and magazines were removed from the waiting area.  Plastic shields were installed in front of the reception desks.  A washer-dryer was installed for staff to launder uniforms.   High-speed fogging machines were used to disinfect exam rooms between patients, and they still are being used.
Paul and his staff were vaccinated in December 2020.
Chris Cornue spoke on “Health At An Inflection Point: Looking at healthcare and public health post-Covic-19 Pandemic.”   He emphasized disparities in communities and between healthcare systems and public health policies.  For example, healthcare systems focus on their own connected patients, while public health focuses on taking care of everyone. “It takes an infectious disease to show us that we are all connected.  Everyone needs to be working in concert. It’s not just the responsibility of public health or a health system’s responsibility,” he emphasized.
“There is a need for partnerships across multiple entities especially linking community-based care, acute care, recovery and rehabilitation care”, he said.
He outlined some examples for prioritizing  steps  Post-Covid Pandemic including:
·       Refocus on public health
·       Reach people where they are
·       Focus delivery on those most marginalized
·       Work on data sharing and technology infrastructure
·       Create and sustain meaningful partnerships
·       Commit to leadership and workforce development
Chris spoke about President Biden’s investment of $7.4 billion to boost public health. This will allow states and localities to expand public health departments with additional staff, hire school nurses to help with safely reopening, develop a Public Health AmeriCorps to create the next generation of public health leaders, expand the CDC’s  Epidemic Intelligence Service,  modernize the public health data infrastructure, and address the under-resourced health departments.
President Tracy reminded members that the Rotary International Virtual Convention begins on Saturday, June 12. If you have registered, send your receipt to Treasurer Dave Stumpf for reimbursement of the fee. Recordings of sessions will be available for anyone who registered.
Please Be Sure to RSVP for the Transition Party:
The presidential transition party will be on June 24 starting at 5:30 pm on the patio of The Alcove.  Wine, beer, and appetizers will be provided.  A cash bar will also be available.  Come greet  Stephanie Murray as our incoming club president.  Please email or call Stephanie Murray if you plan to attend no later than 21 June by 5pm
Dave Stumpf said that the Evanston Chamber of Commerce is inviting golfers for its annual outing on July 26 at the Wilmette Golf Club. Proceeds will go to a racial equity fund.
April Jensen has moved to Frankfurt, IL, and is now married.
Jane Riccardi has released a new video with a recipe for arugula walnut salad.
Evelyn Lee’s daughter Amanda graduated from Lake Forest College and starts a job soon.
Tracy thanked Aaron Masliansky for helping her find her new house.
Calling All Duffers!  The Evanston Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual golf event on Monday, July 26th at the Wilmette Golf Club.  The Chamber will allocate part of the net proceeds of this event to support its Racial Equity Fund and further its DEI initiatives.  Here is a link to the event page. Click HERE  As some background, the connection between the Evanston Chamber and our Rotary Clubs runs deep.  Paul Fischl was president of the chamber last year, Dave Stumpf was Treasurer for the last two, Dick Peach has been president, Linda Brennan is currently on the board, and other board members have been Michele Pure, Dale Bradley from Lighthouse, and Jackie Mack from Lighthouse.  If you’re interested in more info about the Chamber, please reach out to Paul, Linda, or Dave.
June Birthdays
Dick Peach                                          June 08
Bill Logan                                            June 17
Mark Lowry                                        June 17
Bridget McDonough                           June 19
John Juroe                                          June 24
June Rotary Anniversary
Ada Kahn                                           27 years
Pam Rosenbusch                               28 years
Roger Nouneh                                   12 years
Gene Servillo                                     19 years
Helen Dickson                                     4 years

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