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 Rotopep Vol. 101 No. 32

Rotary Club of Evanston

February 18, 2021

Program: Rotarian Choice--No Regular Lunch Meeting

Meeting Minutes for Feb 11, 2021
Bridget McDonough offered the following inspiration: “No legacy is so rich as honesty” - William Shakespeare
No visiting Rotarians today. Guests: Nancy Sharp, Clarence Weaver, Susan Trieschmann
Special Announcement: Dave Stumpf announced the creation of two new Rotary Club of Evanston Scholarships
Background: One of our academic scholarships is an $8,000 scholarship that was granted to a graduating senior who attends a 4-year degree program. The award was granted in increments of $2,000 per year over the course of four years. The second academic scholarship was an award of $1500 for a student to attend a trade school or community college.
The question raised by the Youth Committee was “What can we do with ETHS to connect our scholarships with our focus on focus on food insecurity?” The awards will now be given to two graduating seniors, for two years, $2,000 each. (See press release for details)
The scholarships will be named the Rotary Club of Evanston Scholarships, one in honor or Richard (Dick) Peach, and one in honor of Curt Sharp. The recipients may attend any post-secondary institution in any state. Preference will be given to those students studying the trades or culinary arts, in remembrance for Curt (Cultivating Unique Restaurant Training) and Curt’s Café.
Nan Sharp and her sister, Susan Treishman were present in remembrance of Curt Sharp and expressed their appreciation of this recognition of Curt Sharp and their work through Food for Thought and Curt’s Café. Dick Peach expressed his gratitude and shared that the Wall Street Journal recently published an article indicating that in the near future, 70% of all available jobs will not require a 4-year degree. Dick added that there are many career options for students in the culinary arts and trades that do not require a traditional 4-year program.
President Tracy offered a thank you to Dick, Susan, and Nan and additional gratitude to Jane Lawicki and Paul Larson who have a press release ready to distribute. Thanks goes to Dave Stumpf and Mark Lowry for offering this suggestion.
New for Virtual Meetings: Add your Rotary classification to your name on the Zoom screen – reflecting what one might see on your name badge if we were meeting in person. Jane Ricciardi provided instructions in the chatbox.
Speaker: Linda Brennan, Ph.D., Certified Business Coach
Mastering Change.
Linda started with a question, self-introduction, and a quick poll. The question was:  What kind of dog doesn’t bark? A hush puppie : )  The poll question:  “Who likes change?”
If you find yourself on the receiving side of change- and most of us are, though you don’t always have a choice in the change, you have a choice in your attitude.
Linda offered the first of two equations:
E + R = O
(Event + Reaction = Outcome)
Your reaction can make situation better or worse. Tense situation while driving in heave traffic depends on the attitude one chooses (as Linda explains to her better half).
Some people approach change with a scarcity mentality. Win for you equals loss for them. Victims: blame, complain, and make excuses. Victors: proactive and responsive.
Linda showed a diagram from Stephen Covey’s work on how to Recognize Your Limits. The three concentric circles consist of the following: Circle of Control, Circle of Influence, Circle of Concern. The greater the overlap amongst these three circles, the happier you are since you can only control your thoughts, emotions, and actions, and not those of others.
And… keep in the mind The Serenity Prayer. Your attitude makes the difference.
Linda then asked another question: What Changes Would You Like to Make, Personally or Professionally? Responses included:
Dick Peach: changing job and location soon. Moving from Evanston to Northern Minnesota changing from automotive industry to being a fishing guide!
Jane Ricciardi: starting a YouTube channel, started recording last weekend. Topic: Cooking
Bridget McDonough: Retired (a year ago)
Jane Lawicki: wants to control the seasons, wants to see people again
Linda commented, great to to separate what you can and cannot control (ie. a COVID winter)
Karen Kring: Loves her work with clients and also looking to join a staff as Assoc Director or Special Communications Director for a non-profit. She will also be moving by March.
Linda shared the second equation: A Secret Formula for Successful Change (attributed to David Gleicher)
D x V x F > R
Dissatisfaction- a tension for change, there is a fire in the belly that prompts willingness for change
Vision- an inspiration for the goal
First Steps- a map for early progress
For change to occur, need all 3 components. A long journey begins with a single step. All need to be present to overcome R (Resistance), a fear for doing things differently. Without anything in the in DVR, the result is 0 (nothing)
Example: At Risk Student, a troubled teen. D: dissatisfied with life, V: 0, F:0, Result: No change
Example: Weight loss (COVID 19 lbs): D: dissatisfied with clothing fit/health, V: the 25 year old you? May or may not be realistic, F: You know to join a gym, eat whole foods, log food. In this example, D x V x F drives change!
Easier to lose 40-50 pounds vs 5lbs since the dissatisfaction is not strong enough. With a larger goal, more tension, and more motivating.
Example: Unmotivated staff and remember, with other people, you cannot control them, but you can influence them. It should not just be you who is dissatisfied, but the employee has to be dissatisfied too. What can you do to change their dissatisfaction?
D: You have an employee who is underperforming, V: You want that person to show initiative, and F: You tell that employee to make more of an effort. The result is more effective if you have all 3 components to drive change.
Example: A Rotary Club (not ours) is dissatisfied. Apply the two equations.
E + R = O
D x V x F > R
Quiz: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One but he/she really has to want to change.
In closing: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.
Q: Jane Lawicki: What if you take a few steps and then realize you need to change?
A: Celebrate success to reinforce the vision to see if the vision becomes more blurry or clear. Any of these variables (D, V, F) can change.
Tracy Tebear: Appreciated new perspective on seeing resistance and determining where this might be coming from (i.e. for work on projects)
Jane Ricciardi- wishes Linda could have spoken to previous project teams she worked with
Announcements from President Tebear:
What are you planning for your random act of kindness on Wednesday 17th February? Attached are some ideas for you to consider. 
Let me know how many you accomplish. Email Tracy Tebear 
Upcoming Evanston elections; consider supporting our former club member Cindy Beebe for City Clerk. 
Sergeant at Arms: Mark Lowry
Orchids and Onions/Shameless plugs:
Pete Giangreco announced that at 4 pm today (Feb 11, 2021) Virtual Dedication of the Robert Crown Gym to the Logan Family (Friends-of-the-Robert-Crown-Center)
Tracy: Orchid for her parents in Arizona, has the highest rate of COVID and now have an appointment for the vaccine
Bridget: also in Arizona, made an appointment for the vaccine for her husband. As his “caregiver”, she received the vaccine too.
Helen: parents are in San Diego and both have received 2 rounds of vaccines. Her younger brother enrolled in a trial for the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine. Helen is a proud sister
Pam: Prior club member Cynthia Beebe running as a write-in candidate for Evanston City Clerk. Pam is her treasurer.
Mark Lowry asked trivia questions from the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame. Oh the memories. Answers included: Iron Maiden, Todd Rundgren, Choice, Chaka Kahn (hometown, Chicago), LL Cool J stands for: Ladies Love Cool James, Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner, Tapestry by Carol King, Foo Fighters, Kurt Cobain.
Mark Lowry is a proud member of the loudest fellowship: Rotary Metalhead Fellowship (started by Rotarians in Germany)
Link to join fellowships: HERE

In two weeks from now, Aaron Masliansky, host of “Inside the Skev” will be talking to us about creating podcasts. Topic coming up: Evanston School Districts
Rotary Opens Opportunities. Meeting adjourned by President Tebear at 12:58pm.
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