Evanston's Interim City Manager, Erika Storlie, provided the club with an update on the city on June 4. Ms. Storlie touched on a number of issues, beginning with COVID-19 and how it is impacting Evanston. The city is now in Phase 3 of re-opening, with it's curve of COVID-19 cases beginning to flatten. She warned that if we have spikes of infection, the city may have to return to Phase 2. In the meantime, various re-openings are under way. The city is hoping to add staff positions to its Health Department as a result of the pandemic, and likely will be changing the way it allocates its resources. The Civic Center on Ridge Avenue is no longer optimal for city-government use, and the city is considering options -- including housing some services at the public library or in other locations. Tax revenues are significantly reduced as a result of the pandemic, and the current projection is that we will have a $2 million budget shortfall. Ms. Storlie also touched on the recent national protests over policing and stressed that the city has been reviewing its own policies in recent years. Our thanks to Interim City Manager Erika Storlie!