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Today, the club heard from W.C. Porter who spoke on behalf of the High Speed Rail Alliance, an organization that works to establish high speed rail lines in the United States.  They are hoping to improve rail service in and around the Midwest, including the Chicago area.  We appreciated hearing about the benefits of improved infrastructure.
Today,the club heard from Bright Hope, a locally based charitable organization that works to help the extremely poor around the world.  This category represents the 10-15% of the worlds population that is living in extreme poverty in countries all over the world.  We enjoyed hearing about the projects and efforts of this organization and we hope to be able to partner with them in the future.  If you want to learn more about Bright Hope, visit
Today, the club heard from Mimi Cheatham who spoke about the new food pantry at Christus Victor Church in Elk Grove Village.  Created to help the community through the economic strains of the COVID pandemic, the pantry regularly feeds and helps to clothe 30-35 families in the area every week.  The club donated funds to the food pantry in December which allowed them to include Aldi gift cards in Christmas baskets that they gave to the families they support.  We are proud to be associated with this great cause.
At today's lunch meeting, we heard from Pete Zwolfer who is involved with FAIR (Families and Adolescents in Recovery).  He spoke about all of the amazing work that the organization does to help families in our community. He was also able to share a personal story of how his family has benefited from the great work that FAIR does.  The Rotary Club of Elk Grove Village is proud to support FAIR again this year. To learn more about FAIR visit
Elk Grove Rotary club recently completed a wonderful Literacy project just before the holidays,  The club purchased over 450 Scholastic books for children under 6 and 7 and over,  The books were distributed to 5 local food pantries to be distributed with the holiday meals,  The books are a wonderful little present for the children and a great way to get them interested in reading.
At today's virtual lunch meeting, Zoe Mcgrath joined us to talk about Shelter Inc, an organization that provides housing and counseling for children and families in need of emergency help.  The Rotary Club of Elk Grove Village is proud to sponsor this great organization again this year.  To learn more visit: 
Today, Kristen Seefurth spoke to the club about the Northeast Dupage Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA) which coordinates recreation activities for individuals with special needs.  The Elk Grove Rotary Club hosts NEDSRA summer camps at Rotaryfest every year and is happy to continue to donate to their cause.
From everyone in the Rotary Club of Elk Grove Village, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Rotary members are thankful to be part of the exceptional community of Elk Grove Village.  We are thankful that we are able to make a difference in the lives of those in need.  We are looking forward to continuing to be a part of this community for years to come.
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