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Today the club heard from Robert Beezat,who spoke about Character Based Management.  Mr. Beezat has a long history in managing others and has developed a process that allows for a management style that certainly aligns with the Rotary Four Way Test of the things we think, say, and do.  He has recently published a book on the topic and he presented some of the ideas from the book to our club at lunch today. 
Today, the club kicked off our annual March Madness tournament.  Club members are randomly assigned teams in the tournament and are then able to bid on any remaining teams.  Members whose teams make it to the Final Four will win a monetary prize.  Good luck to all club members!
Today, the club's newest member, Ben Grey, told us a bit about himself.  Ben lives in the western suburbs but works as a financial advisor at Edward Jones in Itasca.  Ben has been involved with service to others throughout this life and is excited to continue to give back to the community as a member of  Rotary.
Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson joined us at lunch today to present his annual "State of Elk Grove Village" to the club.  With the continuing development of the industrial park and plans to hold summer events this year, exciting things are happening in Elk Grove Village!
Today, the club heard from W.C. Porter who spoke on behalf of the High Speed Rail Alliance, an organization that works to establish high speed rail lines in the United States.  They are hoping to improve rail service in and around the Midwest, including the Chicago area.  We appreciated hearing about the benefits of improved infrastructure.
Today,the club heard from Bright Hope, a locally based charitable organization that works to help the extremely poor around the world.  This category represents the 10-15% of the worlds population that is living in extreme poverty in countries all over the world.  We enjoyed hearing about the projects and efforts of this organization and we hope to be able to partner with them in the future.  If you want to learn more about Bright Hope, visit
Today, the club heard from Mimi Cheatham who spoke about the new food pantry at Christus Victor Church in Elk Grove Village.  Created to help the community through the economic strains of the COVID pandemic, the pantry regularly feeds and helps to clothe 30-35 families in the area every week.  The club donated funds to the food pantry in December which allowed them to include Aldi gift cards in Christmas baskets that they gave to the families they support.  We are proud to be associated with this great cause.
At today's lunch meeting, we heard from Pete Zwolfer who is involved with FAIR (Families and Adolescents in Recovery).  He spoke about all of the amazing work that the organization does to help families in our community. He was also able to share a personal story of how his family has benefited from the great work that FAIR does.  The Rotary Club of Elk Grove Village is proud to support FAIR again this year. To learn more about FAIR visit
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