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On May 29th the Elk Grove Rotary, Chamber and Lions Clubs joined forces for a food drive.  This food drive was like no other, we had over 80 volunteers 10 hours of volunteerism and countless donations.  East side location was the Elk Grove Public Library, Thank you Deb Nelson and the West side location was Bershire Hathaway Real Estate, Thank you Frank Ramljak.  We collected over 6.000 lbs of food to give to the various food banks in Ek Grove.  What a blessing we have in these volunteers and organizers!
Two Rotarians Davis Crowell and Elliot Etheredge who are with Servpro, worked recently to clean and disinfect our Police and Fire vehicles.
Way to go helping out our community, Service Above Self at its best!
Bill Durkin, proprietor or One Positive Place, is an inspirational speaker who works with organizations on helping to build morale and keeping people going in a positive forward direction.
Find out more about Bill at
Sarah Swiston from Wings speaks at Rotary...she talked about their suburban safe house for domestic violence survivors.  With the support Rotary provided they can maintain a clean atmosphere and reinforce the idea that they domestic violence survivors are worthy of a life free from abuse.   

The students in the Grove Junior High School Rotary Club were busy during the year doing great things for others.  In the Fall, they devoted some of their lunch periods collecting money from fellow students in order to buy polio shots for many.  Besides collecting at lunchtime, they created posters and set up a table in the school entryway in order to collect donations from parents and teachers during conference days.   In December, working alongside adults at the Packages for Patriots was a wonderful way to provide care packages for those who give their service to others in this country.  Making blankets for foster children using fleece was most likely the students' favorite activity. For many hours one could find them with scissors in hand pinning and cutting out  fleece and then tying the ends together resulting in brightly colored and beautiful blankets.  These blankets will be delivered to a representative of Aunt Martha's who will give the carefully hand-crafted treasures to children who will benefit from the loving work of our students.  The above was sent to us from the school sponsors Debbie Friel  and Lori Putz who are two incredible teachers that volunteer to help organize the interact.
Sarah Simmons joins us at our weekly meeting to present information on Cycling Without Age.  This program offers rides outdoors on a specially designed bikes to seniors and other populations that may not be able to ride on their own.  It is a great program to get people outdoors for some sunshine and fresh air.  Contact Sarah for more information at
The Elk Grove Rotary Club was happy to share a donation with Cycling Without Age for their great efforts and work in our community.
The GOA Business Expo is an excellent place to network, meet new clients and for Elk Grove Rotary, showcase our club.  Thanks to our club members who dedicated time to come out and enjoy the show.
Ron Korte and Jerry Evans visited Rotary and discussed the alliance that Toastmasters and Rotary will continue to forge over the next few months.  Pathways is a program that Toastmasters offers for members to continue to grow and earn recognition for their achievements.  Learn more about Toastmasters from Jerry, 847-466-7657, or from Ron, 224-227-3371,
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