On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the Dundee Township Rotary Club held its annual Scholarship Banquet and awarded over $50,000.00 to 20 high school students seeking higher education.  These scholarships could not be made possible without the generous donors.  Present with the scholarship recipients were their parents and family, representatives from Dundee-Crown High School, Harry D. Jacobs High School, Marian Central Catholic High School, and Elgin Community College, the donors and their representatives, and the membership of the Dundee Township Rotary Club and their family.  Samantha Ottinger, the outgoing President of the Rotaract Club at University of Wisconsin – Platteville and former recipient of the Elgin Rotary Club Scholarship, was the keynote speaker, who gave 10 tips to the students for their upcoming education experience as they move towards their path to success.  Following are the scholarship recipients and the scholarships they were awarded:
1 Dundee Rotary Interact Club, $2,500.00
2 Dundee Twp Rotary Club, $1,250.00
3 Dundee Twp Rotary Club, $1,500.00
4 John Brittain Memorial, $2,500.00
5 Richard N. & Nancy A. Sisler Memorial, $1,500.00
6 Thomas G. Mullen, Sr. Memorial, $2,500.00
7 Bruce David Memorial, $2,500.00
8 James A. Alpeter Memorial, $2,000.00
9 Lawrence Sorce Memorial, $1,500.00
10 Betty-Jane Festen Memorial and Krysha Sorce, $1,500.00
11 Stig P. Orum Foundation, $2,000.00
12 Robert J. Morency Memorial, $3,000.00
13 Harvey & Ethel Daeumer Memorial, $2,500.00
14 Harvey & Ethel Daeumer Memorial, $2,000.00
15 Harvey & Ethel Daeumer Memorial, $2,000.00
16 Harvey & Ethel Daeumer Memorial, $2,000.00
17 Jack Roeser Memorial/OTTO Engineering, $2,000.00
18 Jack Roeser Memorial/OTTO Engineering, $4,000.00
19 Jack Roeser Memorial/OTTO Engineering, $4,000.00
20 Tessa Dettman Memorial, $5,000.00
21 Chere Anderson Memorial, $5,000.00 – Year 2 award
Timothy Navarro, Dundee-Crown
Ben Riggio, Dundee-Crown
Magen Laas, Dundee-Crown
Angel Hermosillo, Dundee-Crown
Madysen Reilly, Dundee-Crown
Joshua Pottorff, St. Edward
Ava Leith, Dundee-Crown
Lauren Braswell, Dundee-Crown
Cody Brockner, Marian Central
Sean Trznadel, Jacobs
Hayden Peterson, Dundee-Crown
Max Astacio, Marian Central
Camryn Cook, Jacobs
Rujul Shah, Dundee-Crown
Itzel Parra, ECC
Malcolm Finn, Home School
Ava Denman, Marian Central
Laura Lopez, ECC
Ameera Hussain, Jacobs
Nolan Wiebenga, Dundee-Crown
Kylie Martin, Dundee-Crown
Congratulations to all of these amazing students!  We know their future will be filled with greatness!