New Member Jim Woell shares his take on Rotary
Jim Woell is a new member to our small club of 25 members.  He is the current (new) school superintendent to District 25 here in Carol Stream/West Chicago.
As part of our club "new member initiation", we have our newbies join us at a board meeting to see how we function.  Jim joined us in October for our board meeting.  We
have rather lively discussions about current issues, future topics and events, and Rotary concerns.  Jim listened and even participated in many of those discussions during the meeting.  After the meeting Jim asked to speak frankly.  Jim explained that he has been a part of many service clubs/organizations prior to Rotary, but felt the need to share with our members just how he feels about the Rotary experience so far.  Our board was so moved by his words, that our president, Jim Reuter, took a video tape to share with others about the true meaning of Rotary: