Another successful cart performance in the Fourth of July Parade
No one celebrates the Fourth of July harder that the residents and the Rotary Club of Carol Stream.  Residents of our Village were out as early as 10 PM the night before, setting up lawn chairs, anxious to get their preferred front row seats for the annual Fourth of July parade.  By 8:30 AM, the street was totally lined with adults and children alike all
hoping to catch a glimpse of someone they recognized, catch as much giveaway candy as possible, or just enjoy the festivities of the day.  Mother nature was harsh this year at 92 degrees, and lots of humidity, to make the 10 AM, 1.7 mile parade grueling in such heat for the walkers.  10 Rotary members and friends of rotary grabbed grocery carts sponsored by local businesses behind their proud Rotary Club of Carol Stream banner to entertain parade watchers with precision grocery cart maneuvers.  There were spins, and snakes, and criss-crosses, partner trades and the ever popular showtime bow/tipping of hats.  The crowds shouted their favorites along the way.  Money collected will help support educational scholarships in our community.