In order to connect to my community and make a social contribution, I researched Barrington Service Clubs (Lions, Kiwanis et. al.). When I learned Rotary International is committed to eradicating Polio Worldwide, my decision was made. 
I am a Polio Survivor.
I am a Polio Survivor (age 2), and when I was 11, my 18 month old sister Barb was stricken with Bulbar Polio. That occurred the summer before the Salk Vaccine was released to the Public. Barb spent the following year in an Iron Lung; never walked again; received a (failed) complete Spinal Fusion at age 5; and died of pneumonia at age 15. Because I too had contracted Polio, I was allowed to accompany and assist Barb at all her therapies (Hydro-, Physical-, Pneuma-). Despite our age difference, she and I were grand pals. She was Flower Girl at my wedding (my brother Rick pushed her wheel chair, and she carried the rings for him to be Ring Bearer) and stayed with me in Kansas City every summer.
What experiences / projects / events have you most enjoyed and/or gained the most from your participation?
I most enjoy anything “Hands On” since it offers the occasion to become better acquainted with my fellow BBRC Members - Highway Clean-Up is a particular favorite! I used to be more involved with Interact and Carpentersville since I so enjoy anything involving Youth. I plan to check in with Dan Naranjo in order to get more involved with Interact and with Jeanne Hanson regarding Leadership Training.
The Fun & Fellowship and the newly formed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives already have me as a committee member.
What three things do you enjoy doing in your "free" time?
In my free time - I’m an avid reader who has transitioned to audio books; I enjoy bicycling, rollerblading and boating; and so enjoy visiting downtown Chicago for its many stimulating cultural opportunities.